ON JULY 12, 1981 AT 2:45 PM


“I have delivered continuous Messages of Direction, Solid in content, Truthful in all pure ways, Valuable to all men no matter what race.  What makes men reject What I say and permit themselves to walk away?  What determines man’s loyalty to Me?  What makes man’s decisions have more creditability than Me?  What gives man permission to determine My Directions can be interpreted differently?

I have sent many Messages.  I have given the world of mankind several Chosen Souls.  Why do men not see the Value, the Perfection of Direction in What I have spoken?  My Will is for the good of man.  There is no pretense in Me.  There are no children that I love more than others, for all are made to the Image and Likeness of Me.

I asked a very small favor.  It is only a material thing.  Men have not given it to Me, and yet men base their whole life on material things.  I asked for some buildings to represent Me.  I asked for a specific spot, a Grotto to be accomplished for men to remember Me.  I asked for a bridge so men could cross this bridge and honor Me.  I asked for specific spots, you call it ‘the Via Dolorosa’.  I call it ‘a Way of Physical Suffering for Me’.  I asked for a Rosary to be seen so men would pay Honor to The Heavenly Queen.  I asked for men to see the necessity to house the elderly.  I asked for My Messages to be revealed to the whole world, Messages directly from Me.  I asked men to re-establish the strengths in Honoring Me.  They have gone off on tangents deliberately.  I have requested men work in a particular way, so that they could devote time, energy, talents, intellect, knowledge, to accomplish My Will upon the earth.

You are surrounded by My enemy.  If I allowed him to show, what would you arm yourself with?  Where would you go?  Would you use a sword?  Would you use an explosive measure of your time?  Would you toss rocks and stones?  Would you shout names to defile?  Would you run in the opposite direction?  Would you fall into his trap, forgetting what I have taught you, forgetting to remember to attack?  Attack with piety.  Attack with service.  Attack with purity.  Attack with solemnity.  Attack with honor.  Attack with dignity.  Attack with love only for Me.  Attack with commitment of life, limb and all purity.

I speak in this manner, for you are as the scribes once were.  You write the Words, and These Words must pass on until Eternity.  Be blessed, for you have taken My Words from Me, and you have been allowed to practice your ability in My Name, for My Will, so that men will be able to read what I have spoken, and to hopefully fulfill what I have Willed men to partake in, men to be able to see.  So be it.”

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