ON JULY 17, 1981 AT 2:50 PM


“Responsiveness to My Will means acceptance of responsibility according to My Will.  I have chosen many children to respond to what I Decree to be absolutely from Me.  I have received reports from different Saints that many children respond, but do not accept responsibility.

Through time, through the ages, through the decades of men’s lives, men touch upon many things I have given to the world, wherein their Spiritual Life, which is a Portion of living that should be concerned with Me and Me alone; men without Spiritual understanding are men who are not free.

When I created man, I did so to the Likeness of Me.  The Likeness is many Things, the Image many Things.  Men associate these two Things with the manner in which they think and the physical form in which I have created them.  There is more meaning to These Words than men think.  A man without a Soul would not be a man.  When circumstances, injury, ill health deprive a man of his will, it is a great sadness for many reasons, for it takes from this man the freedom to think, the freedom to decide, the freedom to serve Me.

There are many issues men make great deliberations upon, but few men truly understand the full Magnitude of how and why I created man.  By These Words, through These Words, because of These Words, many men will begin to try to better understand more of the Purpose and the Reason for man, but I add this:  In order for any man to better understand these things, this man must be dedicated to My Will, committed to My Way, and totally responsible to Me, responding to All I have given and responsive to My Request that This is.

Many men have portrayed Me.  Many men ignore Me.  Many men blaspheme Me.  Many men act sacrilegiously where I am concerned, but all these things are justified through man’s inability to see the Greatness of Me.  When men speak of being made to My Image and Likeness, men sometimes frivolously act impurely, making the quick remark, ‘I am human, I have faults, I make mistakes; God expects this of me.’

Men are more interested in what they feel, what they say, what they desire, that emotionally, physically, or intellectually pleases them.  I Am All Intellect.  I Am All Knowledge.  I Am All Wisdom.  I Am All Experience.  I Am All the Actions in the world.  I Am All the Life in the world and All Things in the world are Mine for They are Part of Me.

When men think of Me they think of a figure of a man.  This is how they relate to Who I Am, What I Am, but let Me tell you this:  I am more than a figure as you.  I am more than the light that you know light to be.  I am more than you know water to be, land to be, fire to be.  I am more than any man can fathom in his wildest dreams.  I am more than Supernatural.  I Am Purity beyond what you know purity to be.

On ‘this piece of land’, I have asked that the physical structures be made so that men could honor Me in ways understandable to man.  In the next weeks of your time, action must be for This Place to take order; changes, a necessity.

I will accept no excuses and I will accept no tomorrows.  There are many things that must be done to give to Me what I have requested to be.  So be it.”

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