ON JULY 22, 1981


“When we walk into Holy Mother Church and we genuflect and we look at The Blessed Sacrament, it is very important for us to understand It is not just a box.  It is God.  He’s in there in a particular way.  He’s in that Compartment and it is Our Lady Who is still holding Him.

Our Blessed Mother is so Important to the whole world and Our Blessed Mother is not recognized in the Importance She is.  Ever since the beginning of time She existed, for She is The Mother of God.  And in the different Visions in which She came to the world, to direct children, to instruct them and to warn them, people have felt it, they’ve thought about it, and they many times wanted to be where She was.  But many times also, their human zeal made them selfish, and if they thought they weren’t getting what they wanted, they immediately shouted at the visionary or visionaries, and were very unkind.

People demand of Our Lady and of God and they shouldn’t demand, because the Light of God is a Light of Peace, a Light of Gentleness, a Light of Tranquillity, a Light of Hope.  It is also a Light of Energy.  The Light of God is different than the light upon the earth.  It is different than the moon, It is different than the sun, It is different, but It is a Light that is Far Greater than the light we talk about.

And so many people in the world, when they talk about Our Blessed Mother, they really don’t do it with respect nor dignity.  They do it sometimes in a very coarse, crude way.  When they talk about their Rosary, they sometimes do not hold the Rosary with the love the Rosary should have, and sometimes, in saying the Rosary, they say it in such a way that there is no respect in it, no true veneration in it, no real love for Our Blessed Mother.  This is wrong.  She is The Mother of God, She is Holy, and She is All Things.  She is The Creativity of Holy Mother Church and She is The Tabernacle of Holy Mother Church.  She gave us our Church, She gave us our life.

She cares about our Soul, no matter what age we are.  She cares about how we talk.  She cares about modesty.  She cares about the purity men think, men feel.  She cares about the immorality in the world, because with so much immorality She knows the children will be deprived of Heaven and will have to go to Hell.  She loves each child as an individual and She is ever giving Hope to all children.  When She sends a Ray of Hope, She sends so much Love with It.  We talk about an earthly love from a mother.  No mother upon the earth could love her children like Our Heavenly Mother loves Her children.

So, when we go to church and we venerate Her in any way, whether we are saying the Holy Rosary or whether we are looking up into the face of a statue, we should do it with piety.  We should feel the Glow of Her Warmth for us, through Her allowing that statue to be there.  We should let Her know that though we do not see Her, we know She is there, for She is our Mother and She would not leave us alone any time.

And very often when we kneel in church and we pray to Her, we forget the Magnitude of Her, we forget the Beauty, and we forget the Purity.  We forget all She has given us as Example and we forget that maybe in the vocation we have chosen we are not using the vocation to the fullest, in Her Name.  We are so busy being worried about all the things we don’t have, about not being as good looking as someone else, not having what other people have in their home, we forget She lived in a very modest home even though They were wealthy, but She lived with beauty all around Her, for it was Her Joy that spread in the room, Her Tidiness, Her Modesty, Her Gentleness, Her Graciousness, and Her Love for mankind.  So, even if you lived in a castle, and you had none of these virtues, none of these ways in which you dealt with other men, you would not be wealthy.

So in these days when Our Lady is being so mistreated, My daughters and My sons, We Here in the Heavens beseech you and beg you to take care of all the times you talk to Her, take care in your attitude, in what you say, how you say it, and even though you do not see a Vision of Her or you do not feel the Light from Her Love, know that She is Here.

My Name is familiar to you and I come on this night to let you know All of the Heavens, All in the Heavens want you to feel the Beauty of Her Love so you will not turn in the wrong direction, away from Her.

I am Saint Catherine of Siena and I have spoken in firmer terms, but tonight I speak only with the Love of Hope, for you see, there is great need in the world for the Holy Rosary to be said not once, not twice a day, but as many times as you can, for if you say these Beads, I want you to know that She hears every word, and each word you say is Blessed by Her.  But when these Prayers are said, whether you say them quietly or loudly, whether you are alone or with others, each word is heard.

And sometimes when the Angels hear the words, they join with you in prayer to Her so that the sound will be greater, there will be more words, and some of the Angels even sing the words.  And The Saints join in, for do not forget, We, too, love Her very much, and We, too, still honor Her, and We, too, love to stand at Her Feet, feel Her Presence, feel Her Grace, and know that She will always love Us.

As you stand, you also are to know the Glow of Her Love is a Light no man can imitate, but the Purpose of Her Light is to give you strength for your Soul.

My way upon the earth was a very busy way, and when I left the earth, I want you to know that as a Saint I have not stopped working for Holy Mother Church.  The Father sees to it in many, many ways.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and you live in a time of Great Grace.  So be it.”

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