ON AUGUST 12, 1981


“When Our Heavenly Mother speaks through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, She speaks with a Love you cannot describe, She speaks with a Direction no man could describe, but She speaks with Her Motherly Love that touches each one’s heart, each one’s mind, each one’s Soul, for as you stay in your place here, your Soul is right there with you, and your Soul is a Light and this Light is constantly alert to Divine Light.  It is in constant communication with Divine Light.

That is why it is so sad when people upon the earth hurt each other mentally, emotionally, physically, or in any way, because it is so unlike the Beauty of the Soul to be any part of such an unhappy situation.  We cannot fathom our Soul arguing or fussing with someone else’s Soul because our Soul belongs to God, It is a Portion of God, but our being, in its imperfect state, struggles to be seen, to be heard, and also sometimes to have power it shouldn’t have.

I am a Saint and I speak through this child, this woman in the world.  I have spoken many, many times.  In speaking to you and thousands of other children, it was to give an awareness of what The Father expects from each of you.

The Light that I travel upon, the Light that I express to you, is the Light of Divine Will, the Light of The Holy Ghost.  The Words I have always spoken were permitted to be spoken so you would better understand the Value of life, the Beauty of life, the Greatness of life, and not allow human depression, human problems, human dilemma to control you.

I walked the earth in many ways.  I walked the earth desiring to one day become a Saint.  In the beginning of this feeling, this desire, this hope, I did not know what it was I felt, but as I struggled through daily life and as I struggled to find within myself what The Father Willed for me, I found the path to Sainthood in many ways not so readily.

My children, I did not feel that in my state of being I stood in purity, for I knew there were so many things for me to change about myself.  One unkind thought, and I knew my Soul would have to take the brunt of it.

Men call My Name and many say many beautiful things about Me.  My Name, My children, is Catherine of Laboure.

You must learn more about The Saints and you must understand that though We are Here in the Heavens, We are obedient to God’s Every Command.  And as We are told to reach out to children of all races, all colors, all creeds, We do it with love and humility, only desiring to serve The Father’s Will accordingly.

As I come through the Light of His Will, I come to you at a time when it is necessary, for All the Words, All the Direction that has been given through This Great Miracle, men must begin to see the Beauty, the Practicality, the Promptness of the Meanings, and yes, the Purpose behind Each Phrase that We speak.

Children love to hear Our Names but children do not always obey the Directions We give.  It is important that you understand that What We say is for your good, for the good of your Soul as well as your being man.

There is a great crisis in the whole world.  Men are full of greed.  Men are full of turmoil.  Men are full of anger.  Men are full of lust.  Men are full of gluttony.  They do not see these things as being wrong, for all these things have become habits with them, habits they do not think they need to change.

As I stand in the Heavens in The Father’s Light and in service to Him, I want you to know that through This Great Miracle that bespeaks All The Father wants told to the world, His Words are not getting passed on.  They are being held on shelves, in drawers.  Some children are not eager to share.  Some children are afraid to share.  Some children are not sure enough of their own Faith to share the Beauty of Our Words.  They say, ‘Can it be?’ They say, ‘It cannot be.’ And We Here in the Heavens say: ‘It is now as it was then; it is now as it will always be.  The Father will never allow His children to be alone, for His children are all too important to The Holy Trinity.’

Be blessed, My daughters, and know, that as you seek The Heavenly Mother’s Love, show Her love in return, and when you do, address Her in the way She asked you to: ‘Our Lady of All Light and All Purity, bless me.’ So be it.”

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