ON OCTOBER 14, 1981 AT 5:58 PM


“I have addressed the world many times through This Great Miracle of Light, of Hope, of Courage, of Understanding, and I say to the world through a child, through a woman, through an instrument, a Chosen Soul in the world, that you must understand My Reason for this Great City to be built, My Purpose, is for the good of all men’s Souls.

Many men, in their interrogation about This Great Miracle, find themselves deploring what It’s all about because they feel they cannot come up to Its Standards, in which, by which, through which, for which, with which, the Lessons are given.  The Purpose seems unobtainable by man, only when man disfigures the Beauty of Faith, disfigures the Purpose of life, and finds himself reveling in the humanistic pleasures that he feels are relevant to man.

There are so many things upon the earth that men can enjoy without a lack of purity, without a lack of moral values, without a lack of moral standards.

Now I come to the world through a Great Miracle, a Miracle that is controversial to some men.  In reality, It is a parallel to the time in which The Family walked the earth, Parts of Me, Portions of Me, to give to the world, to give to all mankind Example, but above Example, a Pure True Sacrifice of Love, Honor and Dignity, for the sake of all men’s Souls.

I speak through a soft voice, but the world must know that the Power I Am, the Strength I Am, the Wisdom I Am, the Being I Am, is One in which the whole world could end in a moment.  So do not put all the emphasis on the soft voice, but remember, I Am The Power behind the voice, I Am The Power within the voice, and I Am The Power that controls this voice, for the good of men’s Souls.

There are many things to occur.  There are many happenings that must be soon.  There are many obvious obstacles, and there are many men who want to see this chosen instrument foiled.

I say to you now, I, The Father, The Father of all mankind, The Father of the universe, The Father for All Eternity, uses this chosen instrument to defend the Souls of all mankind, to prepare the Souls through the Teachings I give through This Great Miracle of Hope, of Life, of Endearment, and do not forget that My Words will remain forever, and through This Great Miracle of Light, Enlightenment, Direction and Hope, I set the Standards in which, by which, through which, for which, with which, men can walk to reach Sainthood as their Goal.  So be it.”

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