ON OCTOBER 21, 1981


“As I spoke to you tonight, I spoke through a very tired voice.  I spoke of reasonable things and I spoke of terrible things.  I spoke of the necessity for men to see the value of good, the reason for good, the practicality to good.  I spoke in a manner of a human voice and I spoke to you as man to man.  I spoke to you, not comforting, perhaps even cruel, but I spoke to you in an honest way so you would not come out a fool.

I spoke to you of responsibility.  I spoke to you with Love, I spoke to you with Concern, for the Soul you have must return Above.  I spoke to you, not in a passive way, but I spoke to you with Enlightenment My Way.  I spoke to you with Deep Concern and I spoke to you with a Love that some of you perhaps did not earn.  But I spoke to you with a pleasant voice, and though it was firm, the voice expressed My Love in a tone, far less than you might have heard had I spoke to you alone.

There are so many things, My sons, that you must understand, that you must enrich your life with, so as you live, you will be a worthwhile man.

The time has come for Me to show a wrath to many men.  The time is here, the time is now, for men to understand the Beauty and the Value of life, the necessity for men to think in an orderly way, so they can command the dignity, the privilege, the light and the hope, the love that is necessary to be a good man.

Be honest with yourselves, My sons, and look at all things in truth.  Accomplish all that is good for the good of your Souls, and remember, I truly do love each of you, but I cannot tolerate much longer the sacrilegious acts so many men have put upon the daily life of man.

Be assured, My sons, that the Soul that I gave you was Good, was Perfect, and that is how I want this Soul returned to Me, in a Glow of Light, reflecting all the good that you did do.

Be blessed, My little ones, and know, I come from Heaven through a voice, and yes, through another Soul.  And as I speak through this Soul to you, I smile at your Soul and I say, ‘I am doing all I can so You will return to Me one day.’

I bless you with My Love but I bless you with My Hope, and I bless you with the Love of The Heavenly Queen, for Her Love for you, you all do know.

So remember, as you leave this place and go your way tonight, I spoke in a very simple way through a Soul to the Light of your Soul.  And do not forget, the Rays of Heaven glow, and your Soul is constantly alert to These Rays that do not show.  So be it.”

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