ON DECEMBER 29, 1981 AT 2:53 PM


“My beloved children, All of Heaven uses this channel to teach, to direct, to console, and yes, to encourage in ways human and yet Divinely Oriented.

I am Saint Margaret Mary.  As The Heart appeared to me, I speak through His Heart to mankind with Words solely for the good of each man’s Soul.  All Words that flow so readily through this channel of Teaching, of Direction, flow on the Winds of the Power of God, and in the Wind of His Power to reach mankind.  The Words must never stop being delivered to all who do not have the privilege to be present when the Words arrive where you are.

There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who have spoken and Who speak The Father’s Will for the good of men’s minds, bodies and Souls.  The True Character in All that is spoken, the Sound Doctrine in All that is said, and the Purity with which It is given, must be responded to in the way It is intended, for men to be alerted to the Beauty of The Father’s Love, Hope and Will for all mankind.

I speak in a simple form so men will understand that The Father’s Heart is in the midst of man through All the Teachings that have gone forth, and through All the Words that have been put in print by the proper men, in the proper order, for the proper intention, which is always the good of man.

You truly live in a time of great distraction, much corruption and turmoil that has tragic ends, but you must understand that you have been Blessed by The Father’s Will in What has gone before, and What you have been receiving through the Power of His Wind and in the Wind of His Power, firsthand.

Men speak many words offensively toward The Father’s Wishes and Will for how He expects men to be.  Many times these actions of men are offensive to The Father, defending men’s weaknesses, and always carry with them rejection of His Will according to His Plan.  Men say, ‘I cannot walk in blindness,’ and yet men use blindness to evil so they cannot be blamed for allowing weaknesses to be, to occur to their way of life, to their thinking, and of course, to the satisfaction of their senses.

Blind men many times say, ‘It is good to be blind, I cannot be blamed for what I do not see.’ But when a man blinds himself Spiritually, he must be accountable for what he feels, doubly accountable for the offenses he allows himself to be a part of.

So many men throughout the world truly are asking for The Father’s Will to be seen by them.  It is here in your small place, and yet men try to ignore This Great Blessing because they feel they do not want to partake in things that go against their nature, personality, desires, hopes, dreams, or imagination.  So many men cry for help.  The Father sends It through His Heart, through His Love, through the Purity of His Intention, but men ignore such Purity because they do not want to feel they must change their morality, their integrity, and they feel that purity demands total dignity of mind, body and Soul.

As I speak through a Pure Way there is nothing to cloud What I say, for His Heart is Pure Light, and All Things that pass through It must be Pure or they would not, they could not penetrate His Light.  So as men read the Words, the millions of Words that have been given according to The Father’s Will, through All The Saints in Heaven, men must begin to realize that These Words had to pass through the Pure Heart of The Father in order for Them to reach the earth in the manner They arrived, for the Reasons They were given, and for the Goal He intended.

Children of all ages must see The Father is requesting Holiness for each one.  Holiness is not impossible, it can be obtained.  It is necessary for men to reach for it, to strive in every way to gain it, and to have it as their Goal, for through this action they will find that Holiness is greater than any earthly thing they can acquire throughout the whole world.  Holiness consists of a pure mind, a pure body, and a Soul nourished by these so that the Light of the Soul burns with The Father’s Love, The Father’s Will in all things.  Holiness is what The Father wants all men to desire, to gain and to have.

I, Saint Margaret Mary, am privileged to bring These Words to the world.  I am privileged to give mankind such a Profound Loving Desire of The Father’s for all mankind.  It is one of the great privileges that being a Saint gives to an individual Soul.

The world has been Blessed by a Tremendous Miracle.  This Miracle is destined to guide millions of men’s lives.  This Miracle will give many men Hope.  This Miracle will encourage men of all kinds to reach for Holiness as their Goal.  So be it.”

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