ON MARCH 3, 1982


“Many times, through This Great Miracle, men recognize the Truth.  It is not always the way they would design it themselves, for they say, ‘It seems so simple when I hear this woman say the things I know, and yet to think about them myself, I complicate them.’

I have spoken many times through This Great Miracle of Light in the world, and in My Words I have said to many children, ‘Beware of your self-righteous thoughts, beware of your biased opinions, and be concerned with how you act with what you are, the talents I have given you.’

I am the Light of the world.  I am the Hope for the whole world.  I am the Ray of Peace, I am the Sound of Tranquillity, I am the Perseverance of God’s Will.  I am the Gift of Light that is handed to the world through this instrument of Divine Love.

This Time that I speak is a Time of Great Importance to the whole world for it is a time that children must understand the chaos, the immorality, the impurity that men accept as a way of life, must end.

I am All Purity and I respond with Love to all that is pure.  It will be your actions, your acts, your deeds, your charity, that draw more Souls to Me.

Be assured, everything you say, everything you do, everything you act upon, every example you are, I am aware of, and I see the intentions you hold in each of them.  Be honest, be sincere, and remember that your code of life, your code of ethics, your code of standards, must be based on My Ten Commandments.

I hold this instrument with My Power and I hold this instrument to allow My Words to pass through her, for you to understand, as you walk in the world as man, you must seek Sanctity every hour.

Do not be permissive in any way but begin with yourself every day.  Do not expect others to walk in perfection unless you show them the way.  Remember, My children, I did not say, ‘Unless you tell them,’ I said, ‘Show them the way.’ It is indeed different in many ways.

Men love to hear what is happening.  Men love to partake in what is occurring, especially when it has signs of progress, success, power, good, and self-acclaim.  But I, your Father, say to you on this night, ‘I have passed on to you a Soul that I expect to return to Me again.’

You have been taught well by Me, and through My Example of Charity you have learned so much about What I Will.  You have learned, not how to struggle, but how to have peace, calmness, tranquillity.

I hold the universe where I want it.  I have given you intellect to use for yourself, for your responsibilities, and for Me.  I expect this intellect to have flexibility, not arrogance.

My children, there is so much work to be done in My Name.  I expect it to be done, beginning today.  So be it.”

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