ON MAY 12, 1982


“When you were born to the world you were born out of God’s Design, through His Will according to how men would come.  You were also born to His Image and Likeness, and you were born with a will and a mind.  You were born with a Soul, to return to God one day.  You were born with hope, in the Faith He gave.  You were born with a Light of intellect and you were born with the Light of understanding.

You were born in a manner, perhaps painful at times, but you were born to rarely remember the hurts, the harms, the sadnesses, for you were also given the beauty of hope.  You were also shown in a certain way that God Himself suffered for your deliverance.  Such Sacrifice was necessary to teach in a special way the Purpose of life, the Reason for it, and the way it should go each day.

I am a Saint in the Heavens.  I walked the earth like you, in a time different, but you must know that I, too, was born in the same manner you were.  I was told by the elders that I would one day have to face an Almighty Father and I would report to Him all the things that I had done with the mind and the body, with the senses I was given at the moment of my conception.  Remember, just like you.

Many Rules were given to the world and many people feel the necessity to break Them because they feel rules are sometimes ordeals.

I speak through an instrument of The Father’s Will, and as I do, I feel within My Heart a racing.  The Heart is not like yours.  The Heart I bear now is the Spirit of Grace welled up inside for the Souls of you.

I fought in battles.  I fought deliberately.  I fought tactically.  I fought laboriously.  I fought prudently.  I fought intelligently.  I fought for a country, but I fought because I was commanded to fight.  I led because I was commanded to lead.  I instructed because I was commanded to instruct.  I directed because I was commanded to direct.

I died wrongfully.  It was not until it was over at that time that I realized God had not decided the time I would leave the earth.  The ruthlessness of man, the deceitfulness of man made this decision, in my name, for that time.  These men stood in fear, for themselves of course.  These men were enemies of God, yet many of them wore cloaks in His Name at that time.

I am Joan.  You remember Me, you know Me as a warrior, and I have come on this night to say, ‘There are many types of warriors for Faith in God to be restored God’s Way.’ All through time they have come forward.  They have gone into battles where it was not seen as a battle.  But today you live in that time in the world, a battle of Saints fighting demons throughout the world.  Never forget what I have said, for I have spoken it well.  The battle must end or it will be the world.  So be it.”

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