ON JUNE 16, 1982


“Sometimes, when men feel a need to respond to the Love of The Father, they do it in many ways.  They research in books, they decide to pray more, or they make decisions to follow in the Footsteps of Our Lord.

In any of these decisions or instances, men find themselves preparing in certain ways.  They look for the Light of understanding, they look for the Light to draw them closer to their goal.  They look for the Light to radiate within their being, to give them warmth, understanding and hope.  Men instinctively have goals to reach and to feel secure with and in.

Tonight, My sons, I want you to know the Presence of Mine attaches Itself to your Soul, for through the means and the manner, the method and the way, the Direction in the Goal of The Father’s Will, the Soul that I gave to each of you attaches Itself to Me through a force, a matter, a means, a method and a way, not understandable by man, but felt through Faith of each man in How I Will things to be.

Importantly tonight is for each of My sons to understand The Commandments I gave were for all men.  The Church I gave was for men to better understand My Love, the Depth of My Love, and the reason for such a Plan.  Later in time, I gave to the world men and women of different kinds, to instruct, to lead, to guide, to direct, so that men would feel the Presence of Whom I Am.  It is not My Way to leave men, that I call ‘My children’, alone in the world without preparation and plan.

I pass a small amount of Light through this child, this woman, this instrument, this funnel, for you to hear My Words, for your Faith in Me to grow, and for My Blessings to reach your Soul.  I have been known to use a physical means to reach men of all races, all colors, all creeds.  I do it again.  I speak your language to you so you can understand.  I use a gentle child but My Words are Powerful, Direct, Meaningful, Persuasive, and yes, Consistent with My Plan.

You must never deviate from what you know I desire of you.  You must never compromise when you know that you must stand in Truth.  You must never allow anyone to destroy you, and you won’t if you will remember this night, remember My Words, and always be aware of the Soul that I gave to you, the Closeness of this Soul to Me, and the reason for this Plan.

I smile when I say to each of you: ‘An earthly family, though they disagree, is bound together by blood to Me.  Each child born to the world, in all families, is bound to Me by the Soul Who is a Portion of Me.’ Do not forget My Words for I have given Them to you Personally.  So be it.”

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