ON JUNE 23, 1982


“It was not easy when We walked the earth.  It was many times a time as terrible as the time in which you live.  There were circumstances, individuals, and of course, parties of people who indulged in indecencies, permissiveness, promiscuities, and constant, consistent immoral actions against The Father.

I speak to you tonight, there are Several of Us present, but My Words are to instruct you.  Many of you have read what has been written about My life, but I want you to know I oftentimes fill you in a little more when you read the words that were written by someone else.

I am known to you as Saint Catherine of Siena.  The Light upon which I speak, from which I come, that I use to reach each of you, is the Light of The Father’s Will, granted at this particular time by Him, for the Soul of each of you.

There were times when I was ill and I would pray for health; you do that too.  There were times when I felt distracted and I would ask The Father to give me a little more patience, and of course, a little more strength to endure; you do that too.  There were times when my appearance meant much to me for I wanted to look my best for others; you do that too.  There were times when I dealt with men who I did not agree with and I would sometimes pout or shout, demand or command, and sometimes I would speak very clearly, very plainly to get my way, for I knew I was correct in the goal; you do that too.

I come tonight through a child, a woman, a True Mystic, a funnel, and I say that the Light shines through This Great Miracle for the good of you.  All cannot be Blessed in a responsible Role as the funnel, the instrument, the child, but then the responsibilities are a millionfold.

I walked the earth in ways that perhaps some of you do, instructing in a constructive way, speaking directly to get a point across, but I always felt, beyond my own will, that I must be pleasing to The Father and to accomplish what He Willed for the good of man in the time in which I lived.

I was frightened of dying, just as you.  I was concerned over illness, just as you.  I was concerned that I was displeasing others, just as you.  But I want you to know that as I stand Here in the Heavens in the Direct Light of The Father, yet doing His Will, it is not satisfaction I seek today; I ask continuously, ‘Heavenly Father, give Me the opportunity and the privilege to serve You to any degree You Will it to be.’

I go throughout the world, My children.  I am not seen.  But All of Us Here in the Heavens work continuously.  It is necessary that We yet serve The Father until the end of the physical time, and then We will All be in a joyous manner, radiant in His Love for all time.

Never allow a man to talk you out of Heaven.  Never allow a man to tell you it cannot be so.  Never allow a man to destroy your confidence in your Faith in The Father, and never allow a man to cause you to sin.  Never allow a man to diminish your will in any way and never allow a man to break your confidence in your Faith, in your hope, in your love, in how The Father Wills you to be.

Be just, be honorable, be respectful, and yes, be obedient to The Father’s Love, for through The Commandments He gave, His Love is extended to all mankind so that all men will have the chance to live with Him for All Eternity.  Be confident in your Faith, be responsive in It, be responsible for It, and be aware of It at all times.

You are Loved, My children, and do not forget that the Love that you were given to use is a Love designed by The Father, a Gift from Him for you, and One that you can use to return your Soul to Him for All Eternity.  The Light of the Heavens is bright.  The Light of the Soul that you stand with tonight is the same Light We walked with in Our day, day and night.  So be it.”

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