ON JULY 28, 1982


“A man who is handed a diamond and takes care of it is a wise man.  A man who is handed the freedom of his will and protects it is a wise man.  A man who is handed Faith in God is a lucky man.  And a man who becomes aware of being the custodian of a Soul is a man who has a responsibility and a privilege beyond anything else created by God.

The ocean can dry up, sands can move in every direction with no reason or purpose, but a man, if he is on the water, on the sand, on soil, if a man is in a cellar, a man is in a plane, a man is in distress, the man has the privilege nothing else has, for the man must always remember he is the custodian of a Soul.

I have sent This Great Miracle to the world for many reasons; the main one, to alert all of mankind to the Purpose of life, the Reason for life, and the Goal I intended for men to have.

There is no man present in the world, of any race, of any color, any creed, who is not the custodian of a Part of Me:  a Soul linked to Me in many ways, a Soul linked to Me through intellect, Likeness of Being, responsibility, privilege, hope, mercy, charity, and of course, justice.

I have placed upon the earth human flesh, and through this flesh I give many Lessons for men of all kinds to learn from, and these Lessons are directed for the good of men’s Souls, for men to live for All Eternity.

Few men would believe I would speak.  Few men would understand why I would speak.  Few men would comprehend the Magnitude for which, in which, by which, through which, on which, My Words could be passed on through time in languages unknown to you, for all time.

I hold the flesh that through My Power could disintegrate, but I hold it in place as I hold the universe in place, for a Purpose One Alone.

So many times I have spoken to the world in different ways, different manners, always to give mankind My Love, My Understanding, My Direction, transmitting all these things with the Light of My Divine Love for each man’s Soul.  Men say, ‘I do not see the Light.’ Others say: ‘How come some are so fortunate?  They seem to be gathering so much from the Presence of Heavenly Means.’

It is truly I, your Father, Who speaks openly.  You are aware of My Presence in The Tabernacle of Love, My Love for you, for your Soul to come to Me.  I did not create man foolishly.  I did not create man for no reason.  I created man to return to Me, to share a Place with Me for All Eternity.

It is true I oftentimes ask children to repeat to Me, fuller commitment, more dedication, through prayer, through service, through love, through example of purity.

I walk constantly throughout the world.  I am not seen by man in ways men wish to see Me, but I use many things so men will not walk away from Me.

You live in a time of great horror.  You must understand this, for there is much impurity.  You must become so pure in thought, word, deed, action, and example, that your very presence exudes stability, honor, integrity, dignity, and of course, love for Me.

My Words are powerful, My Purpose has much responsibility, and I want each child here, and others whom you will touch in your own way, to feel the Presence through you that I Am, and I want you to share with them My Words so they, too, will reach for purity.

Men call some men fools for their actions, their thoughts.  No man can be called a fool who believes in Me the way you have been taught to believe.

You have been taught to live generously.  You have been taught charity, honesty, dignity.  You have been taught The Rules that I gave for all men.  You have been taught to walk with a love for each other and you have been taught to walk as example to men of all races, all colors, all creeds.

You have been taught to be the cornerstone of your existence.  You have been taught to pass on Pure History.  You have been taught firsthand to understand My Will for you.  You have been shown the Beauty of being man in the world.  You have been told that fear is natural but you have also been told and taught that to conquer fear, come to Me.

So much has been given to the world.  So much has been told to mankind for men to learn about what I Will for each man’s Soul.

You are Blessed in many ways, and through this instrument of Light, instrument of obedience, instrument of commitment to My Will, I say to you, ‘Respond to What I have spoken and do not eliminate one Direction, saying, “I cannot follow that one; I think that was for someone else,” for do not forget, if man does not begin to change, My Wrath will have to show.’

Men speak of My Wrath very loosely but I want men to know there is Mercy in My Wrath, but to man it may not show.  Men will shout, ‘Where is the Justice of God?’ because they will be too weak to see the Mercy in what I do.

I want man to understand that at different times in History I come in a small way or in a grand way, for men to hear My Name, speak My Words, and desire to be in My Presence to feel My Love firsthand.

I am The Father of all mankind.  No child in the world could say These Words, for you see, no child would be this presumptuous nor would a child not fear such a declaration of speech.  A child who would say, ‘I am The Father,’ would have to know that the Words that flow, flow deep with a Power of Divine Control.

I hold the instrument strong, for the Purpose of This Miracle is to give mankind Courage, Knowledge, Direction, Strength, Stability and Goal.  So be it.”

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