ON JANUARY 19, 1983


“Tonight, as the Words are given to you in conversation you understand, in topics concerning all things that pertain to the physical, mentioning the Soul, you must also see that through the Words and in the Words, I Am.

I Am The Father of Mankind.  I Am The Teacher of Justice and Mercy.  I Am The Giver of Life, I Am The Protector of Life, and I Am The Light of the World.

I have chosen a woman in your time of life to walk upon the earth, to extend the Words for you to hear, for you to understand that the Soul is not man but the Soul is what man must be aware of and return to Me as I planned.

Many speak My Name.  Many say I speak to them plain.  My Way is different than men suppose, for you see, the Faith in you knows that the existence of your Soul is a Portion of Me.

Ask yourself: ‘What is my Faith?  How do I use it?  What does it consist of, and how much of it do I display to other men in my acts of kindness, in my acts of charity, showing, giving, helping all I am?’

My beloved sons, in many ways each of you has been hand-picked for a particular role, to believe the Words you would hear, to understand These Words so clear, and to know that as men in the world you had work to do in My Name.

A long time ago I chose a man.  His name you are familiar with.  You hear it today in connection with My Commands.  Men call him ‘Moses’.

Today Here in the Heavens He is all about, for many who come Here recognize Him immediately.  They say, ‘Are You not the One Who carried the Words of God direct to men?’ He answers them briefly: ‘I am the One Who The Father chose to hand His Words to the world in the form of Rules and Commands.’ I always smile at this, for you see, Moses was like you one day, a man.

I say These Words to you on this day in your time so you will see the Light of Divine Love and the Hope of Mine, so one day you will also be Here with Me and you will be able to extend your hand and say to another man in a positive way, in a humble way, with clarity of purity in every way: ‘Yes, I was the man you spoke to one day.  I am so happy to know my example refreshed your thinking and gave you the direction in which you were to go.’

My sons, My Light is like a Haze sometimes, My Words are always clear.  My Love for you, beyond what you know love to be, but I have come on this night to say: ‘Shed your weaknesses, for they are harmful to you and to others.  Shed any brazen thoughts, actions, words or deeds, for they leave scars upon your Soul.’ And always remember, the Haze that you might feel when I am around is, in reality, the Ultimate Glow.  Also remember, My sons, that when I teach, I teach all things for the good of Souls, for no man wants a sick limb, no man wants a physical hurt, no man wants the pains of the earth, and I, your Father, say, ‘There is no earthly pain that measures the pain I feel when you put a scar of impurity upon your Soul.’

Be Blessed, you have My Love.  You are Blessed, for I speak to you from Above.  The Gift of Divine Love, the Gift of Divine Hope is on a Ray of My Power and surrounds you and your Soul.  So be it.”

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