ON SEPTEMBER 6, 1983 AT 10:04 AM


“As the physical portion of man is designed and created in imitation of How I Am, it is a composite of knowledge, senses, nature, intention, talent, beauty, understanding, and many other things that make the physical portion of man much of What I consist of.

The Soul of man is a Portion of Me, a Portion of My Purity that I am able to extend, disperse, provide, implant, according to My Will, in My Plan, in My Intention for man’s Creation and Goal.  As the Soul is a Portion of Me, It is in a different category of living than the physical being.  It is in constant understanding of purity.

I gave to man Commands, Rules, Mandates, wherein and whereby man would be able to see the purpose, the need and the necessity for correct judgment in all things he did, he said, he looked at or he performed, in any manner, through his physical abilities, capabilities.

The Soul, a Part of Me placed within each human creation of Mine, must pass once again before Me, must once again return to Me, according to My Supreme Plan.  This is the Judgment by which each man is Judged:  the Soul in a State of Beauty, the Soul stained by human infectious deceits, imperfections of human behavior, showing Me that the privilege I gave of life, the privilege of Rules to live by, were obeyed or disobeyed.

Men now are trying to cast aside the division of right from wrong.  Men are ignoring My Purpose for man and they are distorting the reason or the sound evidence that each man truly has a Soul.

The enemy loosed upon the earth has entertained man in the senses of man only, not in the logical sense I gave man, to look at all things substantially, realistically, and with the Purpose of Sainthood as each man’s Goal.

I have come again to the world openly through This Great Miracle of Hope.  The City of Mine will give mankind, not new direction but My Direction, according to My Will for mankind.

Men of all Faiths in Me will seek Me out in their own way in the City that bears My Name.  This Place will teach men of all kinds about the physical, about the Soul, about Me, and this City will give life and purpose for the physical to grow strong, because of why it was born.  It will give Purpose for the Soul’s existence in each man living.

My Commandments will flourish once again.  My Commandments will shine like the Star of Bethlehem.  Men will follow the Light of the City to find Me, and I will say to them: ‘I am within you.  You are never without Me, for the Soul that you are the custodian of will one day come back to Me.’  So be it.”

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