ON JANUARY 9, 1985


“There is nothing frivolous about The City Of God or The Miracle Of Saint Joseph because It is too Important to the whole world.  Every Word brings enlightenment to the brain, to the mind of those who hear the Words, and the same will be done to those who will use their brain and their mind to read the Words in years to come.  The written Word is for all time, the spoken Word is for the moment, giving the written Word more depth, more of a tangible part to man’s mind.

Through this instrument I have spoken thousands of times, and each time I have spoken I have taught you the Will of The Father, and in this time with you some of you have passed on to others What I have said.

I am The Light that gave to the world a way for all Souls.  I am The Light of The Father’s Will.  I am The Spirit of Hope and I am much a Part of Divine Will.

Men say, ‘I know The Commandments, I learned Them once.’ I say, ‘Have you looked at These Commandments and reminded yourself that each of These were to give you the Light to follow, no matter what vocation of life you practice?’

The Light of Heaven is a Pure Light and that is why there is always so much emphasis in wanting children of all kinds to see the Guidelines for life in a Pure State, to be practiced.

My beloved daughters, men argue over My Place in Heaven.  They deny how many things I could be.  Some men say silently to themselves, ‘What that woman says could be, but I don’t know, if I agree, I will have to discuss too many issues with my colleagues.’

I am The Light of Spiritual Hope and I did walk the earth as One of Three.

Be blessed by all you feel.  Be blessed by what you know is right.  Forgive where forgiveness will help another Soul.  Remember, those you love may not see what you feel, but let the Light of Divine Hope give you the strength, through your example, to reveal to all the soundness of your Faith, and let how you have grown more in love with God show.  So be it.”

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