ON JANUARY 26, 1985 AT 5:15 PM


“My beloved children, I appreciate all that is done in My Name with My Will in mind.

I love every child born to the world and I do not discriminate one color from another nor do I discriminate how they follow in their idea of Spiritual Faith when I know it is directed to Me according to their ability, their training, their capacity to believe in What I must be, How I could be, and the position of My Being in their life, Supreme.

So many times children wonder if I truly hear their prayers, their thoughts, their commitments and their dedication in individual direction directed toward Me.  I never fail to hear one child’s plea or even manner of discussing hope, problems, ideas with Me.

In the world, the time in which you live, there is much stress, much confusion and much disorientation in how to approach Me.  Leadership, in so many ways, does not project reason or cause toward Me, but in the final analysis reflects only man’s intention for man, not man’s intention for My Will to be first, uppermost and ultimate.

The world is never without Me.  No man is ever without My Presence, and the easiest way for Me to convince man that I am ever present on an individual basis is for man to understand, realize and recognize that each man bears a Part of Me, a Soul given at the moment of conception, so that My Presence, My Being, My Intercession is a constant promise from Me.

Awareness of Faith is important, Faith in Me that is; then Faith in all good things will have stability.

Men must not try to understand every Facet of Me, but in My Creation of man, I instilled in man reflections of What I possess so that man would have the ability and the capability to stand in the shadow of Whom I Am, recognizing the Purpose of life through the intellect that only a Supreme Being could have initially created the whole universe and all it contains down to the smallest grain of sand invisible to man’s eye.

The many Lessons that I have taught through This Magnificent Miracle bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph must be recognized for More and as More than men determine It to be.  There have been so many Lessons for men to be guided by and guided through, to better understand the Purpose for human life.

There have also been many Lessons taught through This Miracle of Ultimate Purpose, teaching, training and instilling into mankind the proper method, the proper means, the proper manner, the proper way to follow sound moral ethics by practicing sound discipline in personal character, personal behavior and example.

I have stressed self-control, for in this small Statement there is monumental Meanings that apply to man’s everyday life.  Self-control is based on man’s ability to seek as the Guidelines for living, My Ten Commandments, for to control one’s self mentally, physically, morally and spiritually, one must resist temptation, weakness and laxness in behavioral example, habits, speech and intention.

You are Blessed by Me in many ways and My Blessings bear strength for you to carry on so that your Faith in Me will grow and will aid you when difficult issues, reprimands and untruths are suggested regarding your practice of Faith in Me.  So be it.”

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