ON APRIL 24, 1985


“My beloved daughters, they call Me ‘Saint Joan’.  You see, in the time I spent serving The Heavenly Father, I walked with men of great honor and respect, but I also walked with men who followed what they felt passed through me, and they were fortified in their goals because of the courageous attempts that proved worthwhile, successful, gainful.

I have spoken many times through This Great Miracle of The One We call ‘Beloved’.  In the Heavens there is no jealousy according to placement.  Our Love for The Father is one difficult to explain to you, for what precedes Our Love is Honor to Him, respect for Him, and obedience to His Will according to His Decrees directed to Us.

I have spoken many times in the dark of night to this instrument to never change the armor, to never compromise, and to never allow another man’s tiredness to weaken her.  My sympathy, my sensitivity to the tiredness of others caused me much hardship, much hurt, because when I gave in to what I felt would help them, they took it for weakness.

As I have said at other times, the jailers abused me morally, physically, mentally, emotionally.  I fought for my life, but they were told to not kill me.  They were told to see that when they were ready to have me brought before the other men, I was to appear right in the eyes of all who would see me.

The tiredness and the fear that would befall me was frightening, for I was afraid to go to sleep, I was afraid to doze, I was afraid of every sound I heard, and I felt that The Father had forgotten me.  But when I would stand before the men who were making the charges against me, I would gain strength.  I did not know at the time where it came from.  I was too tired to think, too tired to feel, but I would find the strength to stand.

One even asked me many times to kneel.  They wanted me to kneel before them, to honor them as gods.  I would not.  Though my knees would bend in exhaustion, I would lock them and say, ‘I kneel only before my God.’

They were fiendish men, they were devilish men, in every area that I walked.  When they passed me from a room to the jail, I cried so they would leave me alone, but this did not happen.  And that is why, when I pleaded to The Father to take me from the world, I felt He did not hear me for I felt that I had done wrong, even though it was not my fault.  But when the time came and I heard His Voice, and He said, ‘You have not forsaken Me, Joan, nor have I forsaken you,’ I had all the strength in the world to fight off the onslaught of demons that were in the men where they had locked me up.

The world never truly knew what a terrible plight it was, for no one was strong enough to stand up for me in the agony of this Hell.  But I come through this instrument tonight to tell you: ‘Where God is, there can be no compromise.  Where God is, there is All Justice.  Where God is, there is Pure Love.  Where God is, there is Pure Hope for each one’s Soul.’

Men are omitting obedience to God’s Commandments.  They say in this time it is easier to live this way, it is more compatible to the manner of life.  I, Joan say: ‘Fight for your life, fight for the life of your Soul.  Speak out against what is wrong.  Kneel to no one but The Father, and do not change your armor, for your armor says you believe in God according to His Will.  Do not change your armor of purity and do not go below the mark that you know in your heart will draw you to Hell.’

My beloved daughters, and I also speak to My sons, a privilege given to a Saint because of the work that has to be done: ‘Be aware of all things you know are right and you know must be said and done.  Be aware of the purity for your Soul, for the battle of life for the benefit of your Soul, is God’s Will to be won.’  So be it.”

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