ON JUNE 26, 1985


“My beloved daughters and My beloved sons, there are many, many important issues throughout the world that one man does not have total control over.  It will take wisdom and it will take Faith in The Father to abolish the demonic movement that is shattering to human life, human dignity, and human purpose.

I am your Heavenly Mother and I speak through the voice of a woman in the world.  I speak through her intellect and I instill the wisdom of what life is all about, the necessity for things to be corrected, and those who have the Faith in The Father to believe that the Purpose for each human being was to return to Him, is to return to Him, That Portion of Him, the Soul.

So many times children of all ages and all colors forget that though they have responsibilities of everyday living, and though they have a particular responsibility, to include in their daily living remembrance of The Father’s Will, they must realize and understand that it is a Treasured Gift from Heaven to hear Us firsthand.

Men try to say it cannot be.  Men try to diminish what This Great Miracle is for.  In truth, they cannot diminish The Father’s Will, His Way, because He is The Creator of All Things, and things can only happen when He allows them to happen, for specific purpose, for specific reasons, always for the benefit of man’s Soul.

Here in the Heavens, as We speak to Each Other, We oftentimes listen to particular prayers, repetitive, innocent, loving, caring, and then We hear the child say, ‘No One cares, No One heard my prayers.’ This is not so, for the smallest word, the slightest wish, the lightest ray of hope, comes Our Way, and We do not ignore it in any way, but children must trust, children must have Faith, children must commit their will The Father’s Way.

Through time, many such children as this one through whom I speak, were set upon the earth, obedient to The Father’s Command, for purposes many, for reasons many, and it was through their obedience to His Commands that evidence of The Father’s Love, The Father’s Will was seen, because in the Lessons, in the Directions, in the Hope, it was obvious it had to be The Father’s Plan.

I speak to you on this night for I know of your love for Me, and I also know how deeply you want certain things.  You must also realize that outside of this room there are many, many children just as you, praying for good health, praying for a vocation of life, praying for strength to carry on, praying for particular dreams.

The prayers are endless in number, degree, topic, content, and yes, Faith in whether or not they will be heard.  Faith, some very assured, some not with so much assurance, but very much hope that Someone is listening to them and they will get aid.

I speak through This Great Miracle named after The Beloved One men call ‘Saint Joseph’.  His Power in the Heavens is above what men truly understand His Power to be.  It was announced, His Position Here, but men said, ‘I cannot believe.’ We Here sometimes smiled at this, for you must understand, We used the innocence of obedience and the commitment of dedication to God’s Plan.

Unreal though it may sound or seem to some people, this is how, in many of your years and others’ years, We have reached man personally, for you see, men try all ways to reach the Supernatural.  Men play games with other men, saying they have a gift to a certain degree.  I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘A Gift that is sound in values, a Gift that is sound in purity, always has a Purpose in It and for It and with It, that is always directed to the Souls of all human beings.’

I speak to you with a Mother’s Love but I also say, ‘I expect My daughters and My sons to return the love My Way.’ I also say, ‘Hold The Father High in all you do, and be aware of His Commands in everything you do.’ See the wholesomeness of life, see the beauty of the physical way, and if you suffer physical hurt, understand that The Son of The Father also did one day.  He did it to show you it is natural.  He did it to show you not to worry, to use it in His Name.  He did it for the benefit of all men’s Souls.  He did it with a Love that could only come from His Way.

There is so much the world must change.  There is so much that man must do to take a stand against the wrong in the world, the evil in the world.  There is so much that man must understand, and the only way that man can accomplish this is to use every act, every thought, every word, every deed, every moment that he or she is awake, to improve on what they think, to improve on what they say, and to improve in charity, to improve on all of God’s Ten Commandments, shedding one weakness at a time, not listening to what other people do and say.

It is important that example be spread, and it can be spread by each of you.  Men speak of a plague and they say it spreads very quickly, and I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘So does good example and charity.’ Wickedness does not have the power that goodness has.  Wickedness can be stopped.  All it takes is the will of man, woman or child.  Goodness can spread like the seeds in the air on a windy day and it can fall in places you will never see, for do not forget, the Choirs of Angels can carry it anywhere at Our Command.  You can touch the lives of many, many men, women and children in your little way, through your example every moment of every day.

I love you, My children, and I want you to know, The Father’s Love is a Light that shines for you and in you, as your Soul.  So as you are obedient to things you know are right, and as you practice obedience to God’s Commands, know that you are seen and you are heard, you are watched in every place you stand.

I come on this night because of My Love for you and because of what I know you are capable to do.  Be blessed, My children, and do not forget, My Love for you is a Mother’s Love, beyond the human love that you are familiar with.  Be blessed, and know, that through your example God’s Love for all mankind will definitely show.  So be it.”

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