ON DECEMBER 18, 1985


“Through this instrument I hand to the world My Love.  Through this instrument I hand to the world a means to Me.  Through this instrument I say, ‘I love each of you individually.’

Through this instrument in the world I hand Grace so that men will understand the goodness I expect of each of them, for Grace is a Gift of Love, of Hope.  Grace is a Gift to give strength to devotion, Grace is a way to become a Saint.  As you gather Grace as you go your way, keep in mind, My sons, that every day is a special day.

And as I handed you the breath of life one day, I gave to you a will to show, a will to show other men and women, children, of all kinds, the way to Me, for in this will I gave you Faith in Me, a special Form of Grace from Me.

You do not understand what your will is all about.  You sometimes say it’s stubbornness, it’s greed, it’s hate.  Sometimes you express it in a form of love, but your will is special to Me, for you see, your will is also a Gift from Me, to let you know that you have the power of decision to provide for your Soul the way to Me.

Be blessed, My sons, and know, that though there have been many ‘ups and downs’, I have given you Grace to survive, so one day you will see Me and you will say, ‘God, if I had but known the Beauty of You, I would have laid prostrate before You every hour of the day.’

This would not accomplish much, My sons, in its way, for you see, I have put you upon the earth with movement to make, with challenges to undertake, with motives behind what you must do.  I have given you energy to project, yes, and I say to you, ‘Use your effort in the best way, always guided by The Commandments I gave one day.’

Be alert to everything you do and be attentive to those who need you.  Do it seriously, do it with love, do it in a manner that when you see Me Above, you will look into My Eyes and say: ‘Dear God, what Beauty I behold today.  Thank You for the strength to know that You existed, for the benefit of my Soul.’ So be it.”

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