ON JANUARY 5, 1986 AT 4:55 PM


“So many times I signal mankind in ways he understands.  My Signal is a form of communication, to alert, to teach, to command.  At no time in History have I not been close to mankind, for how could I allow Myself to abandon what I created in the Image and Likeness of Myself?

A man looks in the mirror, the reflection is important, for he sees firsthand his appearance, and what others see him as — a man.

This instrument in the world has been given a Command to walk in, act upon, and deliver What I Will, for men to learn, men to feel, men to see, men to follow, and men to be directed by, for the Goal I intended for My Creation of man.

There are many religions throughout the world.  It is true, some are totally directed at Me, some at things, some even at evil beings.  I understand in certain areas, points of confusion, degrees of honor, and also, differences of opinions, regarding Me.

I am known to be Just.  My Way is Mercy, and of course, it is My Divine Understanding that is the basis for My Justice in all things.  Some men say, ‘Faith in God is for someone else.’ I, your God say, ‘Faith is a Gift from Me, to Me, in My Way, for the benefit of each man’s Soul.’

What is the Soul?  You have been told It is a Portion of Me.  Men say, ‘What if the Soul is so darkened, how can a Portion of God be allowed to be this way?’ An act of love in these words.  Let Me put it this way:  As I have the Power of Command to create, I have the Power of Command to delineate, to refuse, to take Myself out of what is wrong, what is My enemy’s opposite kingdom of state.

I am All Powerful.  It is not easy to walk My Road, My Path.  Heroism in My Way is oftentimes diminished to mere human fact.  To one who walks for Me alone, credit, compromise is something out of character, because it only registers, radiates human values, characteristics, attention, deliberation, and fact.

This instrument at this time walks a tightrope that is swinging almost in a circle.  When it reaches the circle stage, I, and only I, can hold her fast to it, for at this moment men are causing a momentum of this tightrope that could throw her into an abyss of hate.

Understand, a privilege is not always easy to cope with, for with privilege comes respect, honor, dignity, and yes, much responsibility.

Men would not believe Who speaks to you today, but that is not important.  Your belief, your Faith, is your strength I use and I accept, as a token of honor, as a means that will one day determine your Eternal Fate.  So be it.”

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