ON MARCH 1, 1986 AT 5:45 PM


“Doubt in constructive goals can be destruction before the enemy attacks.  Doubt has many facets to it:  some fear, some regret and some personal opinion.  Doubtfulness can bring negative results.  When men doubt Me, they reject what I have promised to be.  Doubt can be treacherous, it can destroy hope.  Doubt can be lecherous for it bespeaks negativism, reproach.

I come on this night, difficult for some men to understand, but nonetheless, I speak through a human being that understands My Command.

Human hurt has its justification, human fear has its place, but I say to you, ‘Faith in Me, What I Will and What I Rule is beyond human complaint.’

I do not ask man to become so complacent that the will to fight for what is correct, what is truth, should not be in sight, but I do say, ‘Without hope in This Great Miracle, that there is little or no hope for what I want mankind to see, to feel, to understand, to follow and to look at, as the Values I set, for the Purpose I created mankind to be.’

I understand your strengths, I understand your courage, I understand your feelings, I understand your desires to accomplish, to project and to fulfill what is right, but I come to you on this night and alert you to My Worth, My Way, My Will, My Time in timing, My Perseverance, My Projection, My Power to reject what I Will to be rejected.

Faith in Me does not always meet the requirements mankind puts on areas of love, hope, sincerity, cause, purpose or goal.  I, your Father speak; I, your Father promise; I, your Father say, ‘Faith in Me is worth any price you make on the life I have given you which, one day, I will take.’

You are Blessed in many ways and never forget, courage in My Name is never a mistake.  So be it.”

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