ON MARCH 17, 1986 AT 3:56 PM


“There is much emphasis on unimportant things.  There is much controversy over unimportant issues.

Man’s time should be spent constructively, logically and productively, not wasted on anything that causes irresponsibility to take over, to take up time.

So many times through time, I have spoken through human beings, giving positive direction, personal goal and idealistic daily practices to be upheld by man’s mind, man’s body, man’s Soul.

Today in the world, I speak through an instrument, a human being like yourself.  I speak in many areas of daily life.  I speak to all men for this time in life, and for all time to come.

Though circumstances change man’s thinking, and man’s personalities and nature conflict in ideas and practices, My Words, My Direction, My Purpose for Speaking, is to encourage man to better understand what life in the physical form is all about; also, to encourage man to see the Value connected to the Soul.

I Am The Father.  No one truly expects Me to speak, but through Faith in My Love, through belief in My Existence, certain children believe I speak in a manner they can understand, through a means they can relate to, for a Purpose beyond the physical life.  Just as you care for your own being, I care for you, only in a more extensive manner.

I hear your prayers, I hear your shouts, I see your tears, I encourage your courage, I never belittle you.  Your Faith in Me, My Love for you, the Soul We Share, is a ‘Bond’ between Us that nothing on earth can compare to.

As you were designed to My Image and Likeness, I sincerely feel everything about you, your needs, your cares, your worries, your complaints, your heartaches, and yes, I enjoy your happy moments with you.

There is a great balance to human life, as there is a Great Purpose to human life.  Always remember, your will is your line of decision, and never forget, My Will is for you to return to Me, Our ‘Bond’ of Love, the Soul We Share with each other.

I Love you, and your Faith in Me says many things.  It says that in your little way, you are responding to Me the best way you can.  I read your mind, I understand your thoughts, I hear your pleas, and I always answer in the way I Know Best, for the ‘Bond’ between Us, the Soul We Share, Which is a Part of Me.  So be it.”

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