ON MARCH 29, 1986 AT 12:45 PM


“Men, women and children always call upon Me to be generous and favor them with a Miracle of their choice, something outstanding to give them strength, hope, or success.  I have, and through This Great Miracle I have given all of mankind a Particular Grace to better understand Me, My Will, and My Way.

I look at how many people truly consider This Beautiful Gift from Me a Miracle of Great Worth.  My answer to this is, ‘Not enough, not as many as should be, not in a number returning enough love in gratitude to Me.’

Mankind has allowed greed, temptation, weakness, personal ideas, favors and habits, to precede What I Want, What I Will, and What I Deserve to be returned to Me.  I hear men, women and children cry for help, plead for help, beg for help, and lean upon weak areas for help.  They forget to trust Me.

In many eras of time, there are more offenses than other times, but you live in a time that if it were to be shown on a graph, the line indicating man’s practices, values, standards, habits, moral integrity, moral behavior of all kinds, would be a line that would be endless in its downside.  It would be difficult to find its limit.  In the midst of man there is corruption of all kinds, there is destruction of all kinds, there is a constant and consistent display of totally demonic pleasures, and in the midst of this man shouts, ‘I want a Miracle.’

I come today to say that unless there is a great change in man’s behavior, My Wrath will be strong.  It will be intense and it will be demonstrated openly. The instrument I use has protected mankind long enough.  I mentioned before she would become more animated in her way.  I repeat this, ‘In My Way’.

Man’s first inclination is to cover weakness, either by a facade natural to man or an out-and-out lie defending the wrong, sometimes even a brash, harsh act of violence to protect one’s self-esteem, honor, and facade of dignity.

Immorality is against My Ten Commandments.  So be it.”

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