ON APRIL 9, 1986


“When Moses was sent into the desert the loneliness that he experienced was worse than his need for food or water, for in the position he was in, in the world, he was surrounded by people who adored him in many ways, loved him, respected him, and people who believed in him, people who did not fear him but who felt confidence in him.

He gave to the world what God wanted the world to have, and even when he was given this Great Gift for all mankind to come, God’s Ten Commandments, Moses found many moments of loneliness, because even in the midst of thousands of men, women and children, there can be loneliness when one feels so intensely about wanting to be with God.

Many prophets came through the time between Moses and Christ, not all written about, and certainly not remembered, but God never left man alone in that period of time.  And then came the Time for a Son to be born, Who was to spell out what The Father wanted all mankind to understand, to follow.

He spelled out Christianity.  He informed people, He corrected their thinking.  He was Gentle and yet He was Firm.  He was Kind, but He never allowed His Kindness to be weakness to any man, woman or child, for He said, ‘Kindness is a strength when one is in need of something definite.’

He gave hope every place He went.  He gave mankind wisdom and He taught the spirit of living.  And as He walked with the Apostles, I did not always walk with Him, for they were men and I stayed back, for He had so much to teach them, and I knew every class He would have, every Lesson He would give, and the purpose for which it was being done for each of them.

My children, My daughters and My sons, I am your Heavenly Mother.  You have heard many Words tonight, you have heard Words to make you think, and now I will add My Words again to what I have already spoken.

There is little purity in the world, there is little understanding of what Faith in The Father is all about, and yes, The Saints are fast becoming a thing of the past, and The Father wants you to think about becoming a Saint of the future.

Be aware of all there is for you to do, be conscious of all there is for you to say, and do not forget, blindness in the physical way takes courage to endure but blindness in the Spiritual world is the enemy’s way for you.  Do not allow this to happen in any place you go or anything you do.

I speak through a voice just as yours, but I speak with a Love that I can refer to as Heavenly Dew.  I pour Grace from the Heavens to encourage you, to enlighten you, to aid you, to encircle you, to give you hope.  I pour Grace from the Heavens when you pray for help.  You do not hear Me speak, you do not feel My Being close to you, but you can be assured that when you call My Name you are heard.  When I say you are Blessed, it is a Blessing beyond your knowledge.

I remember one time when The Son was out on the road, and He was walking along with the men and they were making jokes.  He was going along with them, but He had a way of turning the joke into a mode of humor that always brought their minds back to their Soul, to the purpose of their way, and the hope He had for each of them to fulfill one day.

Be blessed and understand, that as you walk in the world as man, one day you will stand before The Father all alone, not with your family, not with your friends, not hanging on to anyone, but We will become in an enclosed way, One on one.  And when you look into My Eyes, you will then truly understand a mother’s love upon the earth was special, but My Love exceeds that love beyond any love that can be compared.

The very look into My Eyes will say: ‘Child, you passed through time, a living way, now take My Hand and We will talk.  We must go over every day of your life, and in this time I will show you where you either took the right road or you decided to stray.’ But I will also show you the Beauty of your Soul that taught you the right way, for as you stand before Me it will not be the physical way you are now, it will be the Spirit of Heaven, the Soul that is with you right now.  So be it.”

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