ON JULY 23, 1986


“I have spoken hundreds of times through this instrument who walks in the way of mankind.  I have spoken gently, kindly, always with Direction for the Soul to return to Me in the same way I once held It Within Me Here in the Heavens.

You associate different Names with Parts that belong to Me.  You associate a Will.  You associate Wisdom, Light, Hope, Charity, Love.  You associate a Soul with Me.  You associate The Saints with Me.  When you think of Me, you think of Heaven.  When you think of Me, you think of Three, Parts of Me, the Part that you know to have been human, the Part that you know to be the Wisdom, the Light, the Guidance, the Way.  It is true, what you feel.

My children, I speak not only to those who listen to the Words now, but I speak to the whole world of mankind.  You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You do live in a time of such immorality that it brings sadness every moment of your day, to Me.

As I speak I know some men would say: ‘Who would speak through a woman like she?  God would not.’ But I, your Father say, ‘I Am God The Father and I do speak through a human instrument, as I have done so many other times, to guide mankind to Me.’

Be blessed by what you know is right.  Look at The Commands I have given.  See The Rules for what They are, and do not see Them just in the words They are, but see Them in the fullness in how each one is meant to be.

See prayer as a communication with Me, not just ‘to’ Me but ‘with’ Me, for though you do not hear Me answer you in your way, through your ears, when you pray I do answer you in My Way.  Be aware of the importance of what prayer is to Me.  Be aware of the reminders you have, a symbol in their way, easy for you to understand, giving you more Faith in Who I Am.

My one desire is to have all Souls return to Me; difficult to understand what a Soul is, but you must remember that as I am truly All Things, the Soul you protect, you take care of, is a Part of Me.  Never forget this.  Never be blinded by temptation or someone directing you another way, for satan is working hard throughout the world, through mankind, to steal Souls his way.

Be alert to everything around you, be alert to everything you hear and everything you say.  Be alert to what you know will please Me, for the time has come in the world for men to better understand that purity of mind, of body and of Soul is what I Will for each woman, each man, each child born to the world.

When I say ‘I love you,’ it is a Love you cannot understand.  When you say you love someone, it is an emotional love or a love that pleases another human being, but My Love is Divine, My Love is Supreme, My Love knows no bounds, My Love for you is All Purity.

Be blessed, My children, by This Love, and know, I want My Words read and heard throughout the world.  I want it soon, for the longer it takes the more Souls will be lost to Me, from Me, and I say this with a Love I feel within My Heart.

You say, ‘How can a Soul be lost to You, my God?’ And I say: ‘Yes, because you see, when there is a Soul trying so desperately to come to Me, I reach out.  The Soul cannot touch Me.  I say, “Soul, come closer,” and the Soul says, “I am subject to the one who was charged with Me.” And I say, “I will do all things to touch the child in every way I can.  Hold on, for I am Here, waiting.”’

Remember My Words, remember My Direction, and remember, I wait for the Souls because They are Part of Me.  So be it.”

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