ON OCTOBER 8, 1986


“The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is a Teaching Miracle.  It’s a Miracle that bears much responsibility in the world.  It’s a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Direction and It is a Miracle of Exactness.  It’s a Miracle of Love but It’s also a Miracle that in Its own way says things that no other Miracle that ever came to the world said.

God, in His Mercy and Love for mankind, knowing that we live in such terrible troubled times, has allowed for so long, and is yet allowing, Many Saints to come and speak to us.  Whether people believe it or not, It is Truth.  The spontaneity of It proves Its Truth, and of course, the Messages that you are allowed to take with you and learn from, speak Truth.

Everyone cannot believe in the same thing.  Everyone cannot feel healthy at the same time.  Everyone cannot feel happy at the same time.  Everyone does not have a toothache at the same time.  Everyone does not clean their house at the same time.  Everyone does not take music lessons.  Everyone does not pray at the same time.  Everyone does not extend love at the same time.  Everyone is not friendly at the same time.  But that is what makes life so interesting.

Heaven has come through many, many times and in many, many ways, and I’m sure that many of you have grown much in listening to the Revelations, the Teachings, the Directions, and you have been taught and you have been told to be example.  That is what The Holy Family was when They were upon the earth, Example.  Example is very, very important.

There are many things that The Miracle Of Saint Joseph has allowed people to experience, to see, and to take with them.  There are many times that when Heaven hands Light to a given number of people, some see the Light in one way and some see the Light in another way.  Some say, ‘I never see the Light,’ but the important thing is that God allows to happen what each individual can handle, and every individual is sensitive in a different way, to a different degree, to Light, also to the sound of a voice.

Also, sometimes concentration distracts one, and so the Light would be secondary, that would be right there for someone to see.  Someone may listen to Words and hear the Words and want to see the real meaning in Every Word, and maybe the Light would be shining so bright that the eyes would be watering, but the concentration from the human brain would be on the determination of the Message.  Whatever it is that you have gained is what God wants you to gain, because you are an individual.  You have your own will and you have your own degree of acceptance and your own degree of ability, capability, to withstand certain Favors from Heaven.

I am a Saint high in the Heavens.  I speak through a woman as you.  I speak Words because These Words are The Father’s Will.  I speak These Words with a Love different than yours.  The Love is distinct because the Love is the Love of The Divine for you.

I am Saint Margaret Mary.  As I speak I can say this, that when I walked the earth the Rays from His Heart, the Beat of His Heart were what I saw, what I felt, what I clung to.  And I say to you on this night, ‘Whatever your ability is, whatever your capability is, hang on to what you receive for the benefit of your Soul individually.’

Take the Love that is given in the manner It is extended to you.  Profit from It, use It every day, and hand It to others in your way.  Do not imitate someone else’s love but use what you are to give love to others, for as you do, you will find happiness in a special way, for as you touch your heart you will say, ‘My heart beats with The Heart of God; my heart beats because God’s Heart allows it to beat.’

Men think of a heart as love.  That is true.  Men think of a heart as an extension of life.  That is true.  When you say to a child, ‘I love you,’ the child responds openly.  When you say to an adult, ‘I love you,’ the adult sometimes is embarrassed.  Sometimes the adult does not know how to respond.  But if your love is pure and true, just as The Father’s is for you, the person will feel the genuineness in it, the protection of it, and the gift it is from you.

Be mindful of your heart.  Be careful, and protect your heart in every way, for do not forget, as your heart beats, you are alive with hope, energy, Direction, Light, and all these things must be example for The Father’s Will to be done by you.  So be it.”

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