ON JUNE 17, 1987 AT 9:15 AM


“So many times, so many ways, for so many reasons, and in all days, I am taken for granted, I am set aside, I am called upon frivolously, sometimes irreverently, to fulfill desires, needs, and foolish things.  I always hear a child’s request, a child’s plea.  I always know the real degree of the request, its reason, its purpose, and yes, its need.

I am The Father of All Creation.  I am The Power of all that exists.  I am The Life of the world, the universe.  I am The Light of life and for life, that at My Command persists.  I come through an instrument, human in life, to deliver Direction and Goal for the Purpose of life.

If mankind would but see what uselessness human life would be if there was no Goal for it and to it, then perhaps mankind would realize, better understand it is wrong to take Me for granted, eliminating dignity, respect, and in the true sense, honoring Me.

In My Commandments to the world, My Rules for life, for living, for the Purpose of human life, I gave to mankind Rules to practice, to direct their daily habits, and to show mankind the way to purity.  Obedience to These Rules is easy.  Obedience to what each Rule stands for, in its fullest meaning, is not difficult for any man, woman or child, for The Rules are Protection, The Rules say Justice, Dignity, Respect and Honor to each other, and of course, to Me.

I also gave mankind a Form of Christianity, a way of life based on These Rules of life that I so generously gave for the guidance necessary for each man, woman and child to live by, live in, and live for the Purpose I intended, Eternity with Me.

Many, many men, women and children have allowed diabolical interferences to enter through their own weaknesses, such as selfishness, greed, lust, and many immoral actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

I have given mankind a free will, but this will was not just to make decisions in one category of life, right or wrong, but this will was to allow man’s intelligence to make decisions of credibility, justice, and see the value, the importance and the correctness in each decision that would protect what I created mankind for:  to be with Me for All Eternity.

I gave The Rules, I gave The Direction, and I have never stopped giving mankind Hope.  I have never allowed mankind to be in a state of limbo, not knowing what I wanted of each man, woman and child.  The world is never without My Light and the Reasoning of My Enlightenment to mankind.  I hold all things in place.

My treasured Creation, mankind, is so special to Me, for though children of all ages, all colors, all creeds, cannot and do not understand the Magnitude of Me, I reveal at different times the importance of how children should think, how children should act, how children should be taught, and how children should make their decisions according to What I Have Given and not be distracted by what and those who have been cast out of Heaven.

The whole world is in turmoil because so many children in the world have accepted their way of causing, through humanistic values, an absence of Me in their life.  In some ways, of course, as I said before, they take Me for granted, which I am not pleased with, for no man, woman or child is equal to Me.

I have not asked men, women and children to not enjoy the physical life.  I have not taken from them the beauty of living individually.  Through My Love, in what I have allowed for mankind, I have shown respect, dignity, understanding, love, and even honor, to this creation I hold dear to Me.

Men, women and children are the custodians of a Portion of Me.  They are as tabernacles, holding within them Part of Me that I, in turn, wait to have returned to Me in a Pure State of Being.  This is not an impossible request.

I want thousands of children to receive This Revelation so that they will better understand My Relationship to them, as God to man.  So be it.”

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