ON JULY 15, 1987


“I know that all that God has given to thousands of people Personally, and of course, through the written Word, is because The Father wants the Souls of all His children.

There is not one human being present here, listening to This Miracle, that is not of sound mind, also possessing a degree of intellect to be able to understand What has been spoken, What has been written, and of course, even in the general conversation, the Worth of What has been said, because The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is a Teaching Miracle.

Men, some women, stand on a stage and they proclaim certain powers that they themselves have.  A True Mystic is positive of Where the True Power comes from, and a True Mystic knows that God’s Love for the intellect of His children is far above what each child understands this respect to hold.

As we must respect God, God in turn respects us.  He gives us the Means, He gives us the Way, He gives us the Truth, He gives us the time to perform for the Salvation of our own Soul, and to be the example to help the Souls of everyone else we meet, we know, we love, and that we ever come close to.

We have a responsibility of our actions, our example.  We have a responsibility in our hopes, in our dreams, our needs.  We have a responsibility in how we teach others what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, what is best.

You and I, in the human way, have a responsibility to each other.  We have a responsibility of honesty, credibility.  We have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of the next person.  We have a responsibility, a special responsibility attached to our Faith in God.  We have the responsibility of following an orderly way to achieve the Purpose of our Souls.

I speak through a woman in the world.  I speak in a way you understand; and you must understand this, My sons:  Our Way of teaching is so that mankind will understand the benefits of human life, the dignity of human life, and the Great Purpose for which all things were planned.

You call Me your ‘Heavenly Mother’.  I am The Mother of all mankind, for as My Title reaches out to the world, I am The Queen of Heaven, I am truly The Mother of God, and My Love for all children is beyond any child’s ability to know Love.  So be it.”

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