ON JULY 22, 1987


“My daughters, many times We Here in the Heavens have spoken and sometimes you have ignored the Words, feeling the Words were not meant for you.  But if you will but think to an easy prayer to say, like ‘The Memorare’, when you speak that prayer, you speak it directly because it is a communication that you feel strong about.  You feel it is heard and you want something in return for the moment of prayer that you give.  It isn’t so much always that you want, but that you expect.

We Here in the Heavens hear every prayer spoken, every prayer, whether it is in thought, in deed, in action, or whether the prayer is a plea for extra help, for an extra need.  We Here in the Heavens understand the need of prayer and for prayer.  We Here in the Heavens say, ‘As We have taught through This Great Miracle for such a long time, you too can teach others in your daily life, in everything you do, in everything you say, in everything you give in large and small ways.’

The Father does not ask you to walk with your hands folded in a particular position.  He says, ‘Awaken in the morning and spend the day doing what is right, what is good, what is full, in helping others in many ways, but never forget, in your working with others, that you must work for the benefit of your Soul, for the Purpose for which you were born, for Eternal Life Here one day.’

Some of you have asked, ‘Who is speaking?’ I smile at this and say: ‘I am Saint Margaret Mary.  My Love, through The Heart of His Love, comes to you today.’  So be it.”

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