ON FEBRUARY 24, 1988


“Sometimes, through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, many people have come to It, listened, gained much, felt they had enough, and then walked away.  No one was ever stopped from leaving.  No one was truly encouraged to stay.

Each of us in this room has a different degree of Faith in why we were created.  We have a different belief in the Purpose of life, in our daily way of living.  Basically we feel that there is such a thing as becoming a Saint but many times we cannot associate this with ourselves in how we live, how we act, how we think, and of course, it is difficult for some people to picture life in the physical ending.  It is frightening, but in reality it shouldn’t be frightening, but the only thing we are really frightened of is the unknown.

So we, as Roman Catholics, knowing that God Truly Exists, knowing that there is more to life than right here and now, than tomorrow and the next day, we should look at what we are all about, think about what we are all about, and strive to grow closer to God in every way possible.

All through time there have been many heresies in Holy Mother Church, and heresy is a developed untruth.  We have it now, we’ve had it before, and we have survived all the other times.

As an Organization1 believing in God, learning to love Him more each day, striving to become better in every way, depending upon Our Heavenly Mother and The Saints to guide us, to guard us, we are stronger now than we were three weeks ago, three months ago, or whenever you first came to The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  We are all stronger spiritually.  But we are all alone physically and spiritually.  We don’t stand there and lean on each other.  We make our own decisions, and when we make a decision we must live up to it.  That has been the story of All The Saints before us.  That has been the story of human beings for all time.

Tonight, though it appears we are small in number, there are Many More in the room than the count of us.  In the beginning of The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, Heaven promised and Heaven never goes back on a Promise, that there would always be Many Saints present when Heaven would speak.  I truly believe and I truly know this is true.

Presently, through the Eyes of my Soul, I can see Seven Saints.  One Saint is Saint Anastasia.  One Saint is Saint Athanasius.  One Saint is Saint Dominic.  One Saint is Saint Bernadette.  One Saint is Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  And then Our Heavenly Mother, Who is more than a Saint, but some people call Her ‘Saint Mary’, stands very high in the Vision, and The Beloved Saint Joseph stands close to Her.

I can tell you what She has on.  It is the same green I have seen Her in before.  The Crown is all very large emeralds.  She has gold in the Crown and She has little gold sandals on Her Feet.  The sash is gold and the gown is emerald green.

Saint Joseph is in a gold but it is not a gold as we know a gold to be.  It’s a very rich gold.  And His Crown is different than I have ever seen it before.  His Crown has rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and it is very much the shape of the crown that is planned to be in the Chapel of Our Heavenly Mother, and is highlighted by the diamonds, sits very firmly on His Head, and He smiles as He speaks:”


“It is difficult for mankind to understand how I walked the earth as man so long ago, and now I stand Here beside The Queen Who shines with a Light of Pure Gold.  I speak through a woman in the world.  I speak with Hope and with Love.  I speak with Direction that I can assure you, comes from Above.

The Vision the instrument sees is a Vision that will one day be shown to the world depicted accordingly.

I come on this night to reach your hearts, to instill in your minds hope for the Salvation of your Soul for All Eternity.

There are so Many Here in the Heavens that walk with you each day.  When you say a prayer, you make a request, you ask for help, your Faith is shown, and I add, no matter how you are dressed.  You do not have to be dressed as We are in the Vision, but your way of life calls for a different mode of clothing.

When you get the chance, bend your knee and pray.  There is much Grace to this act of humility.  When you are going your way during the day, say a word to Us.  We hear everything you say.  We love to hear a child mention Our Name.  We love to hear a child say, ‘Blessed Mother, please listen to me, I need help.’ She hears your plea.

Now some children say, ‘I did not get an answer.’ We always smile at this for no prayer goes unanswered, but I can tell you this: ‘The prayer that is answered is answered in more of a fulfilling way than what you ask for, and perhaps one day you will see the results of that prayer that came to Our Heavenly Mother, to a Saint, to God, or to Me.’

In the Heavens there are so Many Who dutifully follow The Father’s Will, answering prayers, giving hope, holding a hand that needs care, love, understanding, sitting with a lonely one just to watch.  These are things you do not understand because you do not see the Love that goes forth from The Holy Trinity, but your Faith as it is tonight, your Faith as it has grown, your Faith as it will grow more each day, will help you to understand the Love of The Father is a Love inconceivable to man, but Its Presence is always there.

I have spoken to you tonight to give you the strength and the hope.  Our Heavenly Mother stands Here with Me and smiles as I speak.  As I look at Her She says, ‘Yes, I will say a Word or two or three to the children who have Faith enough to believe in the Beauty of life, the necessity for Faith in The Father, and the Truth that must be seen.

‘My children, do not allow anyone upon the earth to cause you to do wrong to the Soul The Father gave to you.  Protect your Soul from any scar that can be caused by a moment of temptation, a moment of sin, a moment of despair, a moment of vulnerability.

‘You are Blessed tonight by All of Us, but always keep in mind, the Faith you have in what you are all about is a Faith truly Blessed by The Divine.  So
be it.’”

1 Refers to The Society Of The Little Way.

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