ON JULY 27, 1988 AT 8:25 AM


“Evidences of diabolical intervention, intercession, injection, are being received wholeheartedly by millions and millions and millions of people throughout the world.

Through time there have been many warnings to generations of people, to be alert, to beware of such a time as this.

Men, women and children ignore openly the danger of this ugly intervention to the Salvation of his or her Soul.

Men laugh it off.  They say, ‘My time is different.’ Women scoff at their position in life and say, ‘I, too, was meant to live life to the fullest.’

Children accept what is handed to them openly, whether it be through visible means, the actions of others, or what they feel is beneficial to their way of life, their time in life, their fantasy of what life is all about.

I have spoken thousands and thousands and thousands of times through what We Here in the Heavens term, call, ‘The Beloved Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

So many people upon the earth refer to Him in a human manner, as a foster father, as a carpenter, as a ‘just’ man, but let Me say this to you: ‘In no way was He just a man.’

It is time for the world to awaken to the diabolical intervention that is so blatant in all areas of human life.  The enemy beckons all people to believe, to accept, to partake in all that is against What My Rules Are, What My Control Is For.

It is time that all men, women and children, of all races, all colors, all creeds, understand, and that is this: ‘MY WILL’ Will Be Done, ‘MY WILL’ Will Be Accepted In The Manner And The Way I Have Deigned It To Be, So That Souls Will Be Returned To Me.  So be it.”

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