ON OCTOBER 5, 1988 AT 8:25 AM


“Men greet each other, recognizing the other one’s presence, existence, whether the other one be family, friend or acquaintance.

Many men pass by My Place and never look My Way.  They say they practice a particular format of belief in Me, but they pass by the Places wherein they admit themselves for specific prayers, at given times, on special occasions, so why do they not remember Me, speak My Name, speak some type of greeting to Me when they pass by the Place where, in their inner belief, they come to share time with Me?

In reality, I reside in all places throughout the world.  I am available to every thought that comes My Way.  Man is never without My Presence as he walks in his daily way.  I am in his workplace.  I, of course, am in his home.  I am in the schools.  I am on all corners, all avenues throughout the world.  I am every place.

I want mankind to understand My Availability to every thought, every word, every action, every intention, and of course, I hope to be expressed in all example.

The Commandments I gave were lengthy, describing all areas of life that men could be involved in.

I ask mankind a very important question: ‘How can you exist without thinking of Me more than you do?  How can you relate to life without seeing a Great Purpose to life?  How can you ignore My Rules and do things against Them without fearing in some way, My Reaction to disobedience to My Rules?’

I come through This Great Miracle called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, with many Lessons easy for man to follow, easy for man to understand, easy for man to see the importance of moral values, moral standards, that bear only soundness, logic.

There are so many ways for men to change their way of life if they are not recognizing Who I Am, What I Am.

The first step is for each man, woman and child to be guided by My Rules, through the proper teaching of My Rules, for My Rules were not meant for just a particular time, but for the whole time in which mankind will live upon the earth, or any other place men choose to live.

There is a great enemy of Mine, and of man’s, throughout the world.  There is no question that this enemy will not and cannot be defeated, because of My Power, with My Power, but I created mankind with the privilege of a will, a will different than Mine, but a form of freedom for mankind to practice so many things in life that would be beneficial to mankind, and give mankind a small portion of the many things that My Wisdom, My Power has the ability to do.

I made man to My Image and Likeness.  Granted, it is in many ways much less than What I Am, but it is a Special Gift of Love, My Creation of man.

The world is ignoring so many important things that through time, I have allowed to be expressions, open expressions of what is right, what is wrong.

It is time mankind learn more about why I created man, The Rules I gave man to live by, and of course, more about the Soul that each human being is given at the moment of conception, That Portion of Me that in many ways is more than man could conceive in his human knowledge.

My Love of mankind is greater than any man is capable of understanding.  My Love is beyond man’s ability to comprehend, but My Love is extended in all things, in all ways.

How can mankind pass by Me, pass Me by, and not say a word to Me?  So be it.”

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