ON OCTOBER 5, 1988


“My sons, I am your Heavenly Mother.  We use this instrument for many Words to be handed to the whole world.  It is not an easy task for one so fragile, and that is the perfect word to use where she is concerned.

We come to the world in your time to give strength to all of mankind, because of each man, woman and child’s Soul.

Millions of Words have been spoken to give Hope to the world because The Father’s enemy, and your enemy, is in all places throughout the world.

The enemy uses people you love, the enemy uses strangers.  The enemy uses places where you work, the enemy uses places where you socially gather.  The enemy uses words, the enemy uses pictures, the enemy uses ideas, the enemy uses dreams, desires.

Be cautious when things are not pure in essence.  You are in danger when you do not look at the whole picture.  You are in danger if you allow yourself to be drawn into temptation that will tempt you to do what is against The Father’s Rules.

You are constantly Blessed for your good thoughts, your good actions, and for every prayer you say, requesting help in any and every way.

To reach you We use a fragile form, but We use Words you understand without having to interpret Their meaning, without having to decide what the sounds truly say.

You are Blessed in so many ways.  I, your Heavenly Mother say: ‘When you find My Rosary too repetitive, or even monotonous, remember this:  The quickest way to learn more about many subjects, the quickest way to tell someone how you feel, is to be repetitive in the exact words so eventually your intentions will be heard.’

I love you in a way far greater than you know love to be.  You are united for a purpose, for a goal.  Accept What has been given to you as a way to save your Soul.  So be it.”

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