ON OCTOBER 19, 1988 AT 8:25 AM


“If a man, woman or child steals a monetary possession, all people would yell: ‘Thief, robber; he must, she must, or the child must make amends for doing this to me.’

Throughout the world many, many, many people are having far worse things happening to them.  They are being robbed of their morality, their dignity, their hope, their Spiritual values, their Spiritual standards, and the reality of what the Purpose of Life was created for, and that is a Life with God for All Eternity.

This Subject is many times scoffed at, reduced to a nothingness, for men, women and children are saying: ‘What is here now, I know I have.  What I have been promised through Words, I do not feel is true, is of such Great Value as I have been told it to be.  It feels like an empty promise just to make me bend according to certain Rules.’

I, your Heavenly Father, say to you now individually, collectively, in a way you must understand, ‘There would have been no purpose to create mankind unless I had an Ultimate Goal for giving Portions of Myself to fulfill what I wanted to share with what I felt so Important.’

I hear so many excuses.  I see so much dilemma aggravated by a lack of understanding of the Importance of human life.

There are many men shouting, women also, their idea of how men, women and children should live their lives.  They are giving directions interpreted by their own personal ideas, but much of their intention is not based on self-denial but self-love, self-interpretation, self-praise, looking for others to recognize in them a particular role designed by Me.

Fakery, falsehoods are rampant throughout the world.  When I speak through a particular Soul, I speak for the good of mankind in every facet of mankind’s life.

I do not say, ‘Do not live a happy life.’ Why would I have created happiness, why would I have created talent, why would I have instilled recognition in all mankind, the Fact that there has to be a Supreme Being that every man, woman and child is accountable to?

I speak These Words emphatically for there is so much, not just unhappiness throughout the world, but falseness, catering to the enemy that lurks in all places, in all ways, except in What I Am All About.

Men of all races, all colors, all creeds, must begin to recognize the value that I have placed on sound morals, sound standards, in the total definition of My Commandments, not in just a word that means a generality of meanings to man’s life.

I want These Words distributed.  Some, many will say: ‘Why would He speak through a woman in the world?  Why would it not be spoken through a well-known man who preaches, a man who is learned in the Ways of God?’

Though I smile at this remark it disturbs Me, for if men of all races, all colors, all creeds, understand when they look at a newborn baby, My True Presence there, how can they question how I would reach mankind in other ways?

I bless the whole world, through not just the will of a woman in the world, but a woman I use in many, many, many areas of life, touching a thought, an action, an idea, a hope, a dream, many times in areas no one would expect to find Me.  So be it.”

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