ON NOVEMBER 2, 1988 AT 9:29 AM


“For thousands of years men have formed armies, some of good, some for good, some for wrong, some even for evil reasons.  Historically, men have been in these armies, and few women can be counted in the main ranks of the yesterdays.

I am Saint Joan of Arc.  In My day it was not a common way of life to lead an army of men in battle, sitting and discussing the tactics by which the expected results of battle would take place.

I sat with these men, men of all types of character, men who walked in different modes of life, some hard, some cold, some indifferent, some kind, some gentle; some, one would not expect to be in such forceful encounters at a given command.  I would sit with these men and I would tell them what I was directed to do, and through me, what they were expected to accomplish.

I cannot say it was always a readily accepted action, but as we grew closer together, it became more of a realization that I would not have the desire, first of all, such intentions, to lead an army of men, nor would I have had such intellectual reasoning.

The men close to me became more understanding each time a battle occurred.  It was difficult for them and for me, for you see, I was considered a girl.  It was evident that a Greater Power had to be directing me, for these men who were of all different backgrounds, rough in spirit, some crude in ideals, some gentle, genteel, found that I, Joan, had Something else inside of me other than human dignity, human reasoning.

Today in the world a greater battle is taking place.  It is good fighting the ugliness, the jealousies, the hatred, the anger that is in the evil force.  It is not just a country fighting another country.  It is a battle far greater than men can conceive.

In its home base, the instrument I speak of is gentle, genteel, so some men wonder how they can conquer what surrounds her, for they say, ‘God would not choose one such as this to fight all that is evil.’

Ah, The Father has always been known to use one instrument, for in His Great Power, that is all He needs; because through His instrument that He delivers to others such Magnitude of Truth, Direction, Hope and Love, it is His Power that outshines all that is negative to human understanding, incomprehensible to man’s thinking.

I, Saint Joan of Arc, have spoken many, many times, privately and openly, through this instrument in the world, during her preparation to accept such a Magnanimous Task, and after the preparation, to many people, revealing to them what was best.

This army, this leader may appear small to the Hierarchy of Holy Mother Church and to the demonic force in the world, but the Instructions, All of the Directions have a Force within Them, a Logic to Them, that is evident to all degrees of intellect in human beings.

The Father’s Rules cannot be cast aside.  The Soundness of why man was created cannot be denied.  The Purpose for human life, to one day return to The Father to enjoy Eternal Life with Him, is not a myth.  It is Sound Fact and Sound Reasoning.

A battle on the battlefield without reason is barbaric.  The obstacles in life that decisions must be made upon, choosing right from wrong, good from evil, morality instead of immorality, must have a purpose other than just winning a point, gaining acceptance.  There is Great Reason to human life.  There is Great Purpose to human life.

This Great Miracle teaches, inspires and encourages all who will listen, all who will read what All of Heaven has been giving through one instrument, for the good of all Souls to return to The Father in a Pure State of Being.  So be it.”

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