ON DECEMBER 14, 1988 AT 9:22 AM


“Mankind innately desires peace of mind, peace of body.  Peace, to mankind, means happiness, means contentment.  Peace gives time to think properly, to hope for the good things of life.  Peace has an extreme effect on men, women and children.

In the time I lived upon the earth, We would greet each other with the hope of peace for the other, for in troubled times, troubled areas of life, peace heals many problems, many afflictions.

Mankind thinks only of peace to the mind and to the body, but I, your Heavenly Father, say: ‘Peace within one’s Soul is a peace beyond human understanding.  It is a peace of direction, for direction.  It is a peace beyond man’s comprehension of contentment.  It is an inner peace, a solemn peace, a peace wherein only hope is its attention.’

The world celebrates now a time in which, similar to the times of years past, great turmoil amongst men and within men, but a Great Moment of Peace entered the world at a given Time, for a given Purpose, and that was to teach mankind a way to live, the Purpose for living, the intention for which each one was born to the world.

The turmoil within the world is because of the allowance of so much greed, so much anger, so much biased opinions against other men, women and children.

How can there be peace among men when there is so much dishonesty, hatred and diabolical allowance interfering with what is right, what is good, What I gave to the world as a Means for peace?

The time in which you live is in many ways no different.  Men had to eat.  Men had to sleep.  Men had to work.  Men had physical concerns.  There were wars.  There was much anxiety, and there were all the things present then that are disrupting men’s lives today.

I hear so many excuses but I rarely hear the cry for peace as it should be.  Mankind must individually, through his or her own actions, example, express peace, for you see, peace eliminates unhappiness in so many areas of human life.

I have given mankind All the Means to carry peace within their heart, their mind, their body, and within their Soul; a Precious Gift of Love, but men do not always use such Gifts in the proper way, the proper manner.

A time of giving is important to mankind.  It is important to Me, for in the very breath of life that I give, it is an internal and external Gift of Divine Love.

My happiness at the moment of conception is beyond man’s thinking, ability to believe or understand, for It is Part of Me within that being, individually, that expresses hope, love, creation, and a peace, for you see, for Each Part of Me, the Soul that I give in My Supreme Love, is the internal Sign of Peace that I extend to each human being conceived in the world.

So many men, women and children dismiss My Part in their being, My Portion of their life, for they omit the understanding of why they exist, how they were created, the Purpose for which they were created.  I designed all things because of My Love for mankind.

Men argue over the truth of life, the reality it is, the dignity it was meant to be, and the Peace of the Soul that is instantly given to this human form at the moment of conception.

Men shout, ‘Peace on earth, good will to men.’ I, your Heavenly Father, say, ‘My Request to you on this day:  Live it, don’t just say it.’  So be it.”

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