ON APRIL 26, 1989


“Heaven told a story the other day that was, in essence, an Instilling, and it was very beautiful.  Heaven said that men reach for wealth, and by men, He means men and women.  Wealth is important to man.

Then He said: ‘Men reach for success.  They also reach for all the beautiful things of life; one of these, jewels.’

Then He said: ‘I have handed mankind the greatest wealth in the world, the greatest means to success.  I have handed man the most elegant of Jewels, My Words.’

He said: ‘More than three times I have done this, but men seem to take My Words, pass over Them, and then go on to expecting and accepting just earthly pleasures, earthly things.

‘I do not say, “Don’t.” I do say this: “Do not fall into sin with such promiscuous things.  Use what you have, use what you are, but make the Goal higher than people expect you to.”

‘You must stand alone, you must sit alone, you must work alone, you must read alone, you must speak one at a time; but remember, as you do this, you must always place your Goal with The Divine, for if you do it this way, all the troubles that you have will not disappear, of course; it isn’t in the Plan, but they will become easier, less burdensome, and you will be able to handle them if you take them one by one and use them in the proper manner, the proper way.’

And then He gave a Lesson on politeness and manners.

He said, ‘One of the first things they teach children is to say, “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”.’ He said, ‘How many, when they commit sin say: “Excuse me” to Me? “I’m sorry, God, it won’t happen again”?

And then He said: ‘How many children have good manners where My Name is concerned?  Not too many, for they say It many times in vain.’

Then He said: ‘When a man commits adultery — now this means men and women both — they do not say they’re sorry for it.  They have degraded the human form, the human body, they have blasphemed what I created it for.  But they forget there are two Souls involved here.  They ignore the Souls completely.

‘How many men have said to Me, “I’m sorry, God”?  The first thing they think of is the human point of view.

‘And when they steal or they kill, they do not say they’re sorry.  They have an excuse most times for it, for you see, they want to have what the other one has, or they blaspheme and slander in many ways, the other’s name.’

So, My children, on this night, as you listen to the Words, hold Them close and hold Them tight, for as you do you must remember that I, as your Father, say to you: ‘If you are going to say anything to Me, please be polite.  Watch your manners for the good of your Soul and remember The Commandments that were given a long time ago.  They are for you every day and every night.’

I have spoken very practical through this child tonight, for the Lesson is to remain in your mind.  I have instilled It within you, for you to pick It up any time.  My Love is for your Soul, for you see, That Portion of Me I loaned to you a long time ago.

Whether you were born a short time ago or whether you were born a long time ago to the world, I loaned you a Soul and that Soul bears Part of Me, that Soul is Part of Me.  For every thought you have, every word you say, every bit of example you hand to everyone any day, keep in mind one thing:  Be polite, have good manners, and remember, the Soul I gave you has a Particular Light.  So be it.”

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