ON AUGUST 9, 1989


“There are so Many of Us Here in Heaven that have walked the road of life as you have, you are, and you will be doing.  Many of Us did not have the Words to lean on that you have.

Some Here walked the road of life as this woman does, through whom I speak:  the complete assurance that What is spoken is right, What they hear is correct in all forms, and that the responsibility is monumental.

I am a Saint by man’s standards and I am considered One Here in the Heavens.  I am Saint Andrew.

Much has been given to the world through This Great Miracle, the Words passed on for children of all ages to understand the necessity to better understand what God is like.  He is Supreme in every way.  His Love is Divine.  I say ‘Divine’ because It is Above what you can understand a love to be.

You call some things ‘a texture’ because they have a weave or a feeling.  I smile when I say this because the Texture of His Love is beyond what you know texture to be.  His Love is something that has Reality to It, a Purpose in It, and It is an Unlimited Love for each of you.

When you pray, pray with respect.  Think about what you say, whether it be a formal prayer or a prayer of your mind.  When you think of Him, think of Him with honor, dignity, and remember that your love for Him is a child’s love for a parent and your love must grow.  It can never grow to the degree His Love is, but your love can grow in a greater degree than it is on this night.

Be blessed, My children, and know, it is a privilege for Me to speak through This Great Miracle of Words, for you see, I, too, was made to His Image and Likeness.  I, too, had the challenges of life.  I, too, lived in the world.  I, too, had to learn how to honor Him in ways that I did not at first know; but the more you honor Him the greater love you will have for Him, and when the time comes for you to meet Him Face to face, the Love will radiate beyond what you know such a time to be.

Be blessed and understand, the Words are not man’s thinking.  The Words you receive through This Great Miracle is a Portion of God’s Love for each of you, for He knows that as He passes the Words through a human voice, a human being, you can relate to the manner of life, the human form, much stronger, much more readily than you could if He stood before you as He Is, your Heavenly King.  So be it.”

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