“As I speak through this small voice in the world, I speak from a Place close to you, yet far beyond your physical nature, your place wherein your physical resides.  I am within you and I am around you.  I am in all that is good and I am in all that is right.

I speak through a fragile being, a delicate voice, and one who is not in great physical strength, but My Words are heard by you because I Decree it to be, for reasons based on My Love for mankind and My Love for you, for you have a great task upon the earth and it is a responsibility that I pass on to you, that All the Words that have been spoken through this voice upon the earth must be read throughout the world by millions and millions of people.

Mankind is in a stressful state, a state of dilemma, and a state based on immorality.  You do not live in a time of morality, but you do live in a time of much moral weakness and barbaric attitudes, actions, theory and practice.

I speak in a manner you understand.  I speak in a way that will be easy for you to pass on to others.  I could speak through one who has a powerful voice.  I could speak through great microphones throughout the world, but it is not My Way.  I pick a delicate child, a soft-spoken one, and one who in general is not physically strong.

Each of you here present tonight, and I would say a small number more, were chosen to be close to This Great Miracle I have given to the world.  I have given It so It would give to the whole world what I want mankind to know, to live by, to better understand the Purpose for which I created man.

Man would say that The Father of All would not speak through one such as she.  I come on this night and I say, ‘I do speak, I have spoken, and I have used Many Here with Me to deliver Words, simple and yet so complete, loving and yet direct.’

There is Great Purpose to This Beautiful Miracle upon the earth.  There is great advantage to It, in It, and because of It.

My Power is so Great, but as My Power is Great, so is My Divine Love for mankind.

There is so much to be done and so little strength in the one through whom I speak, for time being used in such a Powerful Manner has taken a physical toll in many ways.

I heard her ask Me a question and I smiled at it, for the question was a question of innocence.  The question was: ‘God, if I make any attempt at taking You for granted, or Those Who surround me, will You stop me?’ And I say to you on this night, ‘She is not capable of taking anything for granted, for she is too dependent upon Me.’

I will release her very slowly, very gently, for My Power is so Great her bones could crumble before they would be able to break.

You are Blessed with a Blessing beyond your knowledge.  You are given a Gift far greater than normal Faith.  If you will but realize, the Faith that you have been encouraged to have, the Faith that you have absorbed and the Faith that has been nourished, you will better understand your life and the Blessings you have received as man.  So be it.”

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