ON AUGUST 14, 1991


“So Many Saints have spoken that have not really announced Themselves to us, and there was a point brought up during the night, and Heaven said it so beautifully:

‘Child, take care of those who care; hang on to them tight.  Don’t let go of their hand as long as they hold you close in sight.  Be aware of everything they are concerned with, and be understanding that each has a wish, each has a goal, not always compared to the ones that you feel should show, but be aware of the littleness they are.  Don’t make them weak by allowing them to lean on you, but be there just as a bright star.

‘We can never promise that it will be easy, We can never make it light in weight, but remember, Every Word that We speak through you to them, is The Father’s Hand, and remind them to hold It tight.’

So many times people feel that the closeness of a hand is more real than the Love that is shown through Words spoken, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, but through This Great Miracle of Hope, of Love, Heaven has handed to all those who would listen, a Special Love from Above.

I am Saint Borromeo.  I have not spoken many times through a child in the world such as you.  I speak on this night to remind you that the Soul you have benefits with all the Faith that you extend to someone else, family or friend.  And never forget, My children, that what you do and what you say may only be seen from far away, but you leave a mark on your very presence, you leave a mark on what you do in every way.  If your Soul is pure, It radiates from you, through you.  Never ignore the presence of your Soul for It speaks out loud of you.

Be blessed, My little ones, not by a raised Hand tonight, but by the Words of Truth, the Words of Direction, the Words of Action, for Each Word spoken on this night and all the times before, were Words to hold you to the correct direction.

You are Loved in so many areas of your daily way, but you are especially Loved when you say to The Father, ‘I love You, God; please do not allow me to stray.’ Your words are heard, your thoughts are too, and just as your thought is a message to Him, as I speak through the Soul of this woman in the world, My Words are a Message to you.  So be it.”

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