ON AUGUST 21, 1991


“As I speak through this woman in the world, I remember a time away back when she pleaded with The Father to never allow Me to speak again.  I speak distinctly tonight for it is important that you hear What I have to say.  At the other times that I spoke, I spoke harshly, loudly.  I hurt her whole body.  Tonight I have promised to speak more slowly and hold back the strength that I am accustomed to talking in.  I am Padre Pio.

When I was upon the earth the one thing that I was totally aware of was goodness and evil.  I was aware of jealousy, inconsistency in natures, and I was totally aware of weakness in other human beings.  As my body would ache with pain I did not enjoy the pain.  I had to put up with it; it was part of my way of life.  I did not bring this pain upon myself.  The Father would hand it as He decided it to be, and I must say, not always gently.

There were many men who surrounded me who did not understand the physical part of how I walked.  There were times when some of them were kind, but they did not understand the fullness of what they were being shown.

There were times when I held That Sacred Host, I held to me The Body and Blood of The Divine, I saw The Face, I saw the hurt, I felt the pain, and at that moment I was willing to take more pain to relieve what I was seeing at the time, and yet I knew that as I walked in the human role there was just so much pain the body could endure, because of the human mind.

I come to you on this night, My sons, to make you aware:  the reality of All speaking through many years of time, through This Great Miracle of Hope, of Love, of Service, of Teaching, of Direction, is a Miracle that will be remembered for all time.  As you are part of this Great Time in the time in which you live, I want you to remember this night, of What I have said, because I have spoken It for a reason, and that is to not reward you, but to make you conscious of the fullness of what you are all about, the Purpose for which you were born to the world, and the reality of your responsibilities as man.

I want you to be aware that as you leave this place tonight you must remember These next Words:  Be aware of your Soul every moment of the day and night.  Be conscious of that Other Being within you that must one day return to Divine Light.  Be conscious of everything you say and do, to everyone you meet, everyone you know, everyone with whom your presence shows.  Let them see more than a man standing there, not to have your hands bleed, not to have your heart bleed, not to have the wounds in your feet, but to see the goodness radiate from you through your love for That Part of all human beings that does not show.

I bless you on this night, not with a hand of blood but with a hand of Hope, for I want you to understand your life is worthwhile because it is the means for your Soul.  So be it.”

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