ON OCTOBER 16, 1991


There are Three:  Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.  I hold a Soul very tightly, very firmly, and I speak on this night to give you the strength to better understand the Beauty of your Faith, the Value of Truth, and the path that you must take so that one day when you stand before The Father, your Soul will be brighter than diamonds.  There will be so many facets attached to It that in ordinary circumstances your Soul would blind the human beings before you.

A Soul is a very Special Precious Gift from The Father.  That Portion of Him that He hands so generously, so lovingly, has a Special Avenue of Love.  The Soul is a Generous Gift, for without the Soul there would be no place for you to go, for the body cannot live forever but the Soul can and does.

So Many have spoken through This Great Miracle. The child, the woman through whom We speak, has oftentimes said to you, ‘I do not hear with my ears,’ and I, Saint Thomas Aquinas say, ‘That is true, We speak through her Soul to each of you.’ The Soul is the communication point.  What allows so much to happen is the Beauty of her love for The Father, and yes, the relinquishment of the body to the Soul whenever He requests it to be done.

So much has been taught.  So Many Here have spoken.  So much Love has been given, so much Direction in one lifetime that must be passed on to thousands throughout the world.

Another wants to speak.  He smiles and He says:

For the sake of Souls, The Father has requested I give My Words on this night.  I am Saint Augustine.

Men refuse to accept The Commandments of The Father.  They ignore Them because they say, ‘In this day, in this time, They are no longer part of living in the world; it is difficult to follow These Rules because of the distractions and what is expected of the physical, the mental.’

I, Saint Augustine, say this to you now, ‘Without obedience to The Rules of The Father you will be doomed to Hell for all eternity.’ Do not just consider the physical doomed in this manner, but be reminded that it is your Soul, that Living Part of you that you cannot touch, you cannot see, but yet through this Soul, your Faith, your love, and the beauty of your life passes through It to you, so you can better understand the importance of mortal values.

I could speak hours through this child, through this woman in the world, but the day has been difficult; so Many of Us have spoken.  Another Here with Us now wants to speak.  You have heard Him often, and as He approaches Us, as He absorbs her Soul, I have to say she fears, because of what she knows can happen at a time like this.  When the Soul is absorbed in hearing only Our Words, it is as though the Soul separates from the physical, because of the Power of the Attraction and the Power of the Pull, so the Soul will repeat distinctly What is to be spoken.  Ecstasy is total commitment in this manner.

I have spoken many, many times through This Great Miracle men deny, because they do not want to be restricted in any way.  The Beauty of Truth, the Beauty of what the Soul is all about, is not restrictive.  Hope has no limits.  Love has no limits.  Duty to The Father has no limits.  What mankind should fear is the evil one who limits everything because he wants total control, because he wants the Soul.

Do not make little of the marks on the piece of paper that was representative of a possible appearance of what a Soul could look like.1

I have taught so much through This Great Miracle.  I have used the physical, I have used the mental of this woman, but I could not have used these things without the communication through her Soul.  There are so many heretics throughout the world.  They try to imitate things like This, but the imitation always shows through.

It is important for each one on this night to look into the degree of Faith you have in The Father’s Will for you, to look into the degree of Faith you have in how you are going to save that Beautiful Soul.  It is important for each one here tonight to look into obedience to God’s Rules.  It is important for each one here tonight to understand that you cannot allow the weaknesses of others to stain your Soul, to encourage you to stain your Soul, or to tempt you to stain your Soul.

We have taught so much on the level you can understand.  We have given so much so that you can pass It on to other men.  You have been Blessed repeatedly, and I say to you, with a Love from The Father, with a Deep Love from The Mother, and from Each of Us Here, ‘When We are told to speak through This Great Teaching Miracle in the world, it is a privilege for Us, because you see, one day We want to greet your Soul, to be Here with Us for All Eternity.’

Be blessed, My sons, and know that the Three of Us Who spoke to you tonight were requested by The Father to do so, and We do not raise Our hand in the normal Blessing you understand, but the Blessing We give is through Our Words of Direction, because of His Love for you.  So be it.”

1 Refers to the soiled paper cutout, depicting a tarnished Soul, which each man took out of a bowl as he entered the meeting.

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