ON OCTOBER 18, 1991 AT 1:25 PM


“When I hand a Miracle to the world, I bless It with Truth, with My Love and My Hope that It will permeate all the areas I desire to have It known.  It is called ‘a Miracle’ because It is not humanly structured, not humanly designed, not humanly delivered.

There are millions of people, all races, all colors, all creeds, all ages, that I want to touch in some form, in some way, to some degree, for My Purpose, which is for their Soul to return to Me.

I do not travel the world and touch thousands to spread My Will, My Words, My Love.  I use one seed, and I use this seed to cultivate more seed with My Words, My Directions, My Love, My Hope.

I never leave mankind deserted.  I use one Soul to spread the seeds I want spread.  In some past times I worked the same way I am working today.  One seed multiplied in such an abundance, that if these seeds were seen as I see them, as I meant them to be, they would, they could, cover the whole world.

One Word from Me is more than one seed, for there are multiple meanings in Everything I pass on through a Word.  The world has been Blessed abundantly.  This Miracle that bears The Name has been doubted by heretical thinkers, jealous enemies, and those who have little Faith in My Love for mankind, in My Generosity.

I will close by saying: ‘Truth is necessary when something so Precious is at stake.  The subject at stake is a man’s Soul.’ I have Blessed thousands with My Words and with the Words of Those Who are in My Kingdom.  I bless Faith in Me, and I give extra strength immediately to those who serve Me.  So be it.”

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