ON DECEMBER 2, 1991 AT 1:38 PM


“I have chosen a Particular Time to speak through an individual, My Words, My Wishes, My Intentions, My Hopes, My Desires, My Will, for the benefit of all mankind.  When I did this, I did not intend My Words for just that particular time, but to be followed at all times thereafter.

Many of My Words have been tossed aside because of man’s determination of what these times might mean, could mean, did or did not mean in the time in which they lived.  Mankind must understand, as I take the time to give Direction, to teach, to extend My Will for the betterment of mankind, the physical life and the life that will follow for the Soul, mankind must understand, I do these things because of My Love for My children of all races, all colors, and yes, all creeds.

There are no bounds to My Love.  Man puts a boundary line where he feels is the limit that he or she can extend their thinking, to their ability within, or their way of life to a particular degree.  I use one individual in your time, in your area of life, to pass My Will on for the benefit I Desire for the Souls of each individual.

Though I talk through a human voice, a human body in this time of your calendar year, My Will is that These Words, These Teachings, These Directions will always be passed on from generation to generation for endless amount of years.

Men say I would not talk through a human being, I would use Miraculous Signs for all to see.  What better lasting Teaching can there be for all generations to come that would be more lasting, beneficial, explicit, than My Words written again, and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again?

The world in its orbit, holds men, women and children of all ages, all colors.  A rocket in the sky, what you call ‘a sky’, would be a sight to be seen and remembered for a given length of time.  It will be recorded that I have decided to give mankind My Words written, so that man can set It aside, pick It up again, set It aside, pick It up again.  It is not to be a one-time Signal, a one-time Sign, a one-time Period, to alert the Importance of what human life is all about, the Reason for it, and the Beauty of its Goal.

I speak through a gentle child.  I speak through a small voice.  I speak Words of Pure Direction.  It is My Will, My Way, for I know that this manner of reaching mankind will give Strength, Knowledge, Hope, Direction, for a long, long, long, long time.

I use Many Saints to pass Words through This Miracle that bears the Name, ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  Men try to deny that This Spirit of Life, of Hope, of Design, of Me, from Me, through Me, by Me, could be titled for such a long time with a human Name, but My Will was directed in this manner, for it was how it could be accepted by mankind, in a relationship of understanding the human side.

Many Saints find Their time through This Great Miracle a Treasure of moments, a Beautiful privilege, for you see, They understand the Beauty of Where I Am, for They share It with Me.  So be it.”

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