ON JANUARY 6, 1992 AT 1:40 PM


“When mankind makes an announcement of a happy occurrence, it is often broadcasted by speech and written word, and through areas that are carried in different forms peculiar to the time and place the announcement or message passes through and to and by.

I am a Saint that has spoken much through This Great Miracle.  I have not announced Myself, like Others.  I am Saint Cecilia.

Those who brave the onslaught of interrogation, criticism, when their Faith is growing more in love with The Father, with The Father’s Will, are Blessed abundantly in a manner not readily recognized in man’s world.

When The Father orders a Message to be given, a Direction for the benefit of a human being’s mind, body and Soul, it is important that It be registered for not just the present time, but to give those who come later a chance to be aware of The Father’s Great Love for human life, also the Beauty of everyone’s Soul.

So many times individuals feel they are inspired to teach, to preach, to instruct, to direct other human beings on the subject of What God Is All About, What He Expects, and What He Wants from each of them.  Much of this is based on misinterpretation, self-interpretation, self-convictions, self-importance, which many times bears many errors.

This Magnificent Miracle Of Saint Joseph is for the Salvation of Souls.  It is for the whole world of mankind.  It is for all races, all colors, all creeds, and Its Purpose is One, that is to save Souls.

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I bless you because I am aware of your Faith, the beauty in your Faith, and the way you hold onto your Faith, desiring to follow The Father’s Will with dignity, affection, love and hope.  So be it.”

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