ON JANUARY 28, 1992 AT 5:30 PM


“I have placed a Star in the midst of mankind.  It glows in so many directions, It touches all people throughout the world.  This Star I refer to is My Means to reach all of mankind with Words of Direction completely from Me.  Many Here in the Heavens have been requested to speak so that My Will, My Direction, would be heard from Others besides Me.

As you stand in the world together, involved in many things, involved with many people, it is similar in many ways to how it is in Heaven.  The Beauty of the Messages handed to mankind is a Special Gift of Love from The Divine.

Some men say, ‘Why would The Father choose one such as she?’ I say, ‘Why does man question My Decisions, and how can man even think to disagree?’ I am surrounded by so Many Who have walked the earth as you.  The Souls Who returned to Me give Me happiness beyond human belief, human understanding, human degree.

As I speak in your tongue, in a manner you can understand, I want others to know that though I am in Heaven, I am also in each human being throughout the world, because the Soul each one lives with daily is a Portion of Me.

My Words must be read.  My Words must pass through many minds and many hands.

You are Blessed with a Love Greater than your human love, and think of it as this:  A star is a beautiful sight, a star is a precious gift.  This Miracle upon the earth is a Star of Light for mankind to be aware of, to follow, and remember, It is My Light, My Love, My Hope for each of them.

You are Blessed, My little ones, with a Love beyond your comprehension, your ability to understand, so if you will but remember that I, your Father, am showing you the Way to Here through This Great Miracle that started out with the Name of a Man.  So be it.”

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