ON MARCH 18, 1992 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.  I come through this instrument of The Father to give Words of Hope, Words of Direction, for all who will hear Them and for all who will read Them in time to come.

There are so many benefits to the act of prayer.  There are so many ways to pray, and yet so many men, women and children deny themselves this act of love because it takes time, concentration, and Faith in the importance of the act of a prayer or prayers.

So many think about it, and yet, in their minds, expect others to make it a practice, and inwardly and outwardly ignore the fact, the need for themselves, and the good it will do for them in every way of human life, Spiritual growth.

So many times I hear Others Here pass Words through The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  As I hear These Words, These Messages, These Directions, I cannot help but feel so much goes by the wayside and is taken for granted.

If those who hear the Announcement of This Great Saint as being The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity, find themselves denying this Association, it is sad, because It Is So Logical, So Right In Its Existence.

I come today with Words to encourage more prayer, more understanding of prayer, and the need for more prayer as a daily part of life.  The very act of prayer consoles the Soul, for do not forget, That is an Important Part of human life, because That Part of every human being is a Portion of God Himself.

Many men argue a ridiculous argument over what God looks like, appears like, and the full dimension of His Existence.  On the other hand, man says ‘He Is All Things, He Is The Creator of All Things’, and yet He is referred to as a Single Being.

Take your prayers, offer them, not for an understanding of God, but offer your prayers to become pure in your way of life, in your nature, in your thoughts, in your actions, in your example.  If you do this, you will find a direction for your thinking and all you do that will give strength to walking the human life, the human role, with all its responsibilities, duties, and Faith in The Father’s Will.

There are so many things I could talk about, but Others Here have covered many Subjects, and of course, many more will be covered.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and The Father’s Will, for as I stand Here in a Place of Greatness, I have a deep desire for all mankind to one day be physically present Where I am.  So be it.”

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