ON MARCH 26, 1992 AT 12:12 PM


“For many years I have directed through a very delicate, fine instrument, My Words and What I wanted mankind to learn, to use, and to exercise in their daily way of life.

I have handed These Words to many, many, many people.  My Words have sometimes fallen on what man called ‘deaf ears’, but I, your Father say, ‘The ears I have spoken to were not truly deaf; they heard Every Word, but they, in their human way, decided to ignore What I have spoken for the benefit of each Soul that is a Part of Me.’

True, I use a delicate instrument for I do not have to use a powerful physical human being.  My Power can be executed through the most delicate of My children.  Sometimes I use the personality of a small child to alert older children to what is correct.  I use different situations to alert people of all types, ages, natures, personalities and wills, for in one of these characteristics of human nature, some portion will feel the Fullness of the Meaning of What I speak.

There are millions of people like you throughout the world who feel that I would not speak as I do, but after they read the Words, some Portion of the Words will touch them, encourage them, perhaps even entice them to see the Value of What I have spoken.

A human being cannot speak for Me because a human being cannot see All I See, cannot understand All I Want, and definitely cannot deliver All the Things that I Want for the individuals that hear the Words, will read the Words, will believe the Words and will follow My Directions.

As I have spoken before, many people would say, ‘God would not speak through a woman in the world; He would use a man.’ Did I not use the Gentleness, the Love of a Mother at a Very Special Time, in a Very Special Way, for a Very Special Reason, at a Particular Place, and does not This Time still remain as Important for mankind to see, to understand, to believe and to hold dear, because of man’s ability to relate to such a Manner, a Relationship to Me?

Thousands of men stand on the outside of This Great Miracle, in judgment, in wonderment, in criticism, in agreement, and I, your Father say, ‘None have the full ability, mentally, theologically, physically, emotionally, to comprehend the Full Magnitude of such a relationship to Me, as being an instrument of My Will, eliminating a human will because I ask it to be.’

My Blessings are in My Directions.  My Blessings are in the Truth I speak.  My Divine Love is evident because I care extensively.

As I once opened these Gates through Moses when there was so much error, sin, corruption, immorality in man’s way of life, there is great comparison between these two times, and yet one was a man of different background totally, and one is a woman of gentle nature but great strength in honoring My Will.

I want These Words passed to thousands.  I want These Words to be remembered by many thousands, for as I have come at This Time in the world, I want it to be known.

I want people of all races, all colors, all creeds, to understand that with all those who teach My Way, many do it for personal gain, not teaching exactly What I Want mankind to have, but their interpretation that they feel is pleasant to the ears and ways of the time in which you live.  So be it.”

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