ON APRIL 2, 1992 AT 10:31 AM


“I come another Time in the world, to speak Many Things that I once delivered to a special son, a specific son called ‘Moses’.

Now I speak in a similar way through a woman in the world, so that mankind will begin to turn away from the ugliness of sinfulness, of degradation, of desecration, of permissiveness, and of abuse to My Way, My Will.

There is no segment of mankind in the world that fully understands What I Have Given mankind through time, for the benefit of Souls.  No matter what a human being looks like, no matter what generation he or she was born in, each one had and has a Soul, a Portion of Me.  It is the Distinction I have given above all other creations of Mine.

When I speak, I speak on your terms, in the manner you understand, in the way you will comprehend what is Important for you, from Me.

I use a delicate system of reaching you.  Through time, I have many times used what man would term ‘physically weak in structure’, but I never use a weak will.  I always use one who says: ‘I love You above all things.  I love You in a way I do not understand love.  I love You because I know You Exist.  I love You with my whole being.’ This terminology I accept as the will of the individual, and thus I know that My Will, will be delivered as I Will it to be.  Very often My Strength is seen, My Strength is felt, and My Will shows, through this instrument of Light.

The world is not just in turmoil.  All nations in the world, all countries in the world are neglecting what is right, and subjecting themselves in every possible way to all that is wrong.

This Miracle is not for entertainment.  It is a Miracle of Direction.  It is a Miracle of Instruction.  It is a Miracle of Enlightenment.  It is a Miracle expressing, delivering, in a forceful manner, how I want Souls to return to Me and not to be lost to Me.

My Words come through a human voice.  This is a Gift to mankind, a Special Gift of My Love because I love mankind, and This Miracle is a Protection of all human beings who will listen, and do not forget, It is also meant to be a Protection of That Portion of Me in each human being.

There are so many falsehoods in the world being taught about Me.  There is so much weakness accepted by mankind, using the phrase, ‘It is human to err.’ I Resent This! I have reiterated many times, to see the value of sound moral standards and sound moral values.

There is reason for Me to come to the world Personally, and also, to give permission to Those Who are Here with Me, to teach, to instruct what is right, what is beneficial, for the sake of the Soul of every individual.

I care about the physical; I created it.  I expect you to pray for help in the physical, and I also expect you to pray for the Soul and to the Soul, because It is a Portion of Me.

I have many times used this woman beyond any human limit of physical and mental strengths.  I leave you now, but I Am Always Present, I Am Always Aware; you are never out of My Sight.  So be it.”

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