ON APRIL 2, 1992 AT 3:34 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.  I have not mentioned My Name very often when I spoke through This Great Miracle that you are totally aware of in your day.  When I have spoken, it was always in a form of guidance, in a manner to make you aware of what would be best for you to do at a given time, for the benefit of time to come.

There are so many rules designed by man to gain importance on issues, to gain control, and for others to recognize their existence.  Many times small children do things incorrectly but do not see these things as totally wrong.  It is a manner for attention.

It is so important that children of all ages be taught and retaught the obligations of The Father’s Rules regarding every facet of human life, also the Purpose for These Rules, mainly for the good of the Souls.

So few in the world have any recognition that within them there is a Portion that is a Portion of The Father.  This is a subject not discussed for all the Benefit It is, for all the Reasons It is, for the Importance It is, and of course, Why It is.

More must be taught by individuals to other individuals, regarding The Commandments that were given for the sake of each human being’s Soul, and also to allow, amongst the living, a daily life for all human beings to see the beauty of fairness, goodness, purity, love and Purpose, the Purpose being for the Souls of all individuals created by God.

In the time in which you live, there is little practice among leaders in the ministry devoted to God, to teach The Father’s Rules, the Purpose of Them, the reality of Them, and the need for each of Them.

Men, women and children speak the word ‘love’ loosely, not demonstrating or explaining its real worth, its real purpose, and how it can be closely associated to The Father’s Love, to The Father’s Will, to The Father’s Purpose for creating mankind.

There is so much more I could speak of, but I will close now with Words you will understand:  Obedience to The Father’s Rules means to stand before Him one day in a Glory and a Light beyond any of what light to you means.  It will be Divine Light.

Remember What I have spoken on this day.  So be it.”

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